[GALLERY] Vanessa Kinsey Fundraiser at Red Rocks

Photo: E.P Pirt, Jr. © Electronic Colorado

This past weekend, August 10th and 11th, we hosted our fifth and sixth fundraisers/charity events at Red Rocks for Pretty Lights. We gave away a pair of tickets to night 2, a meet & greet with Russ Liquid, and a pair of tickets to Michal Menert’s album release show on Nov. 16th at Summit Music Hall. Thanks to all of these amazing and generous people, we were able to raise almost $300 to go towards Vanessa Kinsey’s GoFundMe. Catch us up at Red Rocks again on August 29th, when Colorado’s own Illenium takes the stage. Keep your eyes peeled across all of the ELCO channels for more information on that event in the coming days. Thank you for donating!

Big thanks to our corporate sponsor, Ent Credit Union, for making it all possible!

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