Unusual Warm Winter Weather A Result Of Exmag’s Colorado Run


970056_554203321311062_585234033_nThe weather around the mountains and the front range has been anything but normal February weather lately, with temperatures reaching nearly 70 degrees. While weather in Colorado is anything but predictable, it’s unusual to have such long stretches of consistently unseasonable temperatures. Meteorologists have been utterly stumped, until now. Recent developments have surfaced that the warm weather has been due, in fact, to funk masters Exmag, and the anticipation of their current Colorado run. The mini-tour kicked off last night in Durango, and makes stops at Agave in Avon tonight, The Fox in Boulder tomorrow, The Aggie in Ft. Collins on Saturday, and wraps up in Steamboat at The Tap House on Sunday. Apparently Exmag’s sexy, bass-slapping funk has been getting  not only audiences across the state all hot and bothered, but the climate as well. Experts are predicting that it’s only a matter of time until the government starts cracking down on the trio and the effects that their sweaty, strip-inducing sounds are having on the climate and global warming, but for now we say let the glaciers melt; we’ll be too busy gettin the funk down to notice anyhow.

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