Those Dirty Little Thieves Stole the Show!


by Shane Patterson

‘To give it your all, all the time.’ Living up to their word, Dirty Little Thieves took the set just before midnight and stole the show Saturday at Beta Nightclub. Wearing their trademark teethed bandanas, Arize and DSQISE tore through the night with their energy and passion, bringing the club to life with their ferocious drops. The light show was just as impressive as their music as two large visual displays with go-go dancers surrounded ether side, and a large screen hung behind and above them. Dancing as hard behind the booth as the dancers next to them, Dirty Little Thieves rose people from their seat and brought them to their feet. They showed their love of the industry and passion of the music by continuing to acknowledge their fans with high-fives and handshakes during their set, and tossed several of their teethed bandanas out to the crowd at the end.

As their hour set progressed the crowd grew livelier with each drop as Arize and DSQISE brought more and more feet onto the floor to join the dancing frenzy. No doubt rising as one of Denver’ top artists, Dirty Little Thieves brings out the dance and energy, flexing their talent by playing originals as well as mixes that strike the heart, such as Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’. After seeing Arize and DSQISE throw down several times, each time showing the same passion and love at every performance, Dirty Little Thieves are the DJs everybody wants to see spinning the records. They showed the audience the true meaning of being a musician by bringing out the dirty side in all of us on the floor, just as every musician should.