The ELCO Show, August 6th 2015 – Feat. The Glitch Mob & Omega

We’ve got a very special July/August edition of #theELCOshow for ya! Complete with a HARD Red Rocks recap featuring an interview with none other than The Glitch Mob. Rounding out the episode is an exclusive mix from Colorado’s Omega that goes quite hard. Here’s what he had to say about it…

This mix features some new (and some old) unreleased tunes of mine, along with some new and old favorites from other artists. Not sure which if any of the dubs will be released properly. I’m pretty certain “Dark Path” will find it’s way onto a drum and bass ep or album at some point, but writing neurofunk takes me forever, so it may be a while. This mix includes some of my all time favorite artists (Spor, Noisia, Culprate), and some of my good friends (Shank Aaron, Dirt Monkey, Said the Sky, Mochipet) who also happen to be some of my favorite artists. If I had to choose one tune on this mix that I’m most excited about right now, it would have to be “The Moment”. I only recently discovered Joe Ford’s music, and it just blows me away. He has quickly joined the elite ranks of Noisia, Tipper, Culprate, and Amon Tobin, as one of the most amazing sound designers in the game. The other shout out I need to do on this mix is Said the Sky. We first met a couple years ago when he came to me for mastering and production lessons, and it’s been amazing to see him become a world class artist. Espy is in my top 5 tunes of all time, any genre. Much love to Electronic Colorado for hosting the mix!





1 – Omega – The New Reality [unreleased]
2 – Omega – Love With Violence [bandcamp]
3 – Dirt Monkey and Shank Aaron – Snozberries (Omega remix) [unreleased]
4 – Borgore – Foes (16-bit’s Fuck Hoes x Omega’s lulztrap remix)
5 – Loadstar – Passenger (Culprate remix) [RAM]
6 – Downlink – Ghost [Rottun]
7 – Omega – old untitled thing [unreleased]
8 – Excision – That Girl [Full Melt]
9 – Omega – Untold [bandcamp]
10 – Noah D – Seeeriousss [Subway]
11 – Mochipet and Mr. Lif – Spark (Omega remix) [Petnation]
12 – Omega – Cutting Lines With Occam’s Razor [Simplify]
13 – Said the Sky – Espy
14 – I Am Leigon – Choosing For You [Division]
15 – Joe Ford feat. Tasha Baxter – The Moment [Shogun]
16 – Omega – Dark Path [unreleased]
17 – Spor – The Hole Where Your House Was [Sotto Voce]

 Listen to the mix on it’s own:[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

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