The Black Box: A New Era of Underground Music Begins

Mile High bass music experts Sub.mission just announced some very exciting news – the opening of a new venue here in Denver dedicated solely to underground bass music. We can’t to see what they have in store. Get caught up on all the deets with the official press release below.

Introducing Denver’s newest headquarters for sound system music: The Black Box

At The Black Box, it’s all about the music.

Denver, CO- Since its inception in 2007, Sub.mission has always been a labor of love. The company’s success is largely attributed to its passionate, loyal fans. This population feels a profoundly personal connection to Sub.mission and the community it fosters. For fans, the benefits of a dedicated venue are unmatched. The consistency and reliability of a permanent location are invaluable community-building features. Environment also plays a massive role in a party’s success (or lack thereof). Complete creative control over the performance space unlocks countless opportunities to carefully and deliberately craft the vibe of each night. Fans of live music pay for an experience. “Moving people through sound not hype” isn’t just Sub.mission’s motto; it’s a defining tenet of Denver’s music scene. Today, the music industry is dominated by corporate interests in pursuit of quick, easy profit. As a result, a sizeable population of music enthusiasts is alienated from the scene entirely. The Black Box is positioned to fill this new gap in the entertainment landscape. The internet and digital music formats continue to create a greater demand for underground and independent music than ever before. Given the collective’s widespread respect, healthy network, and demonstrated success in the industry, The Black Box is singularly poised to capitalize on the market and redefine Denver’s music scene once again. At The Black Box, it’s all about the music. Denver’s devoted home for underground music is designed to encompass the total sound system experience. The dual-room venue is fully equipped with powerful Basscouch Sound. A haven for artists, audiophiles, and partygoers alike, The Black Box is headquarters for Colorado’s underground music community.

Grand Opening Event: November 19, 2016

Across the world, beloved venues and clubs are closing their doors – but in Denver, doors open. Join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of The Black Box on November 19th with Mala, Kahn and Neek alongside MORESOUNDS. The Black Box is the Mile High City’s newest headquarters for sound system music, featuring two rooms of state of the art sound by Basscouch. A new era for underground music is upon us. We’re excited to show you what the future is all about. The Black Box Grand Opening Party with Mala, Kahn, Neek, and Sub.mission residents in The Black Box presented by Sub.mission ; The Lounge with Moresounds, Despise, and Recon residents presented by Recon DNB.

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