The Big Wonderful – A Uniquely Wonderful Experience

The Big Wonderful – A uniquely wonderful experience
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by Shane Patterson

Located under the overpass of 6th avenue near Federal across from Mile High Stadium, the secret event from The Big Wonderful was one of the more unique and interesting events Denver has seen. Outside and in the open to what turned out to be a beautiful cloudless night the stage couldn’t have asked for a better Colorado evening. Lined with roach-coaches along either side there was plenty of delicious foods, cocktails, and beer with a wide variety to satisfy anybody’s munchy needs.

A block down the street and across the river was Down Town 82 who hosted the other half of the event. Inside was a large open warehouse with the DJ booth in the far back corner and an open garage door next to it that led outside to a massive lot. To the left of the lot were several roach-coaches and an alcohol booth while the right had several areas of couches, lazy-boys, and tables while directly outside was a circus tent. Beyond that in an alley of two other buildings with a large factory in the background was a huge Hummer customized with a complete DJ system and light display in the back.

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Bouncing between each venue gave the sensation and feeling one was at a music festival, free to roam about to whatever pleases the ears. With a range of music from hip-hop to house and some unique disco with a twist the night was full of endless possibilities of enjoyment. When one needed a breather from dancing fun games were spread throughout the event – such as corn hole and extra-large Jenga games – to keep the night live and fun.

Shortly after midnight Golf Clap took the main stage and cranked up the energy in the already energetic crowd from the openers (The Reminders, Rose Quartz, and Ben Silver off Orchard Lounge), drawing in a crowd that filled half of the events total size within minutes of playing. Their enticing beat under the open air, glowing moon and lively atmosphere truly was an unforgettable experience. Like honey to bees or ravers to lights, the crowd loved the Detroit duo under the beautiful Colorado sky.

As if the the killer music and outstanding food wasn’t enough to satisfy the party people, ample comfortable seating to chat with new friends were in no short supply and when a chilly gust came a small fire was nearby. To bid us farewell and put an even larger smile on our faces boxes of donuts were put out as we waited for our Lyft ride, whom sponsored and gave amazing deals for using their service that night. The Big Wonderful was much more than a concert, bar, festival, or club; it was a combination of the best aspects of all of them into something truly Wonderful.

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