[REVIEW] Templo Ratchets up the Weirdness with New Single, ‘Jungle Proof’

by Sarah Sumler

If you didn’t catch it, Templo ’s new track “Jungle Proof” dropped last Friday. This experimental track opens with a mechanical soundscape filled with slippery synth noises and a space factory vibe. The effect is crunchy, gritty and cacophonous, like someone threw a bunch of mechanical parts in a blender – a sonic smoothie, if you will. As it progresses, the song settles into a head-nodding rhythm punctuated with a cornucopia of creative bleeps, bloops, and bass.

There is a lot going on sound-wise, but surprisingly it never comes across as cluttered because it’s all tied together with solid bass lines with an industrial edge. “Jungle Proof” is slightly spacey, but never soft. It’s the kind of track that uses a jumble of unexpected samples to keep the listener a little off-balance, but it is well-constructed enough that it never devolves into noise. Overall, it’s a trippy piece of music that should be well-received among fans who like their dance music dark and dynamic.

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