Super Best Records Showcases Top Notch Talent For “Free”

Photo: Madison Backens © Electronic Colorado


by E.P Pirt, Jr.

Last Thursday, September 3rd, one of the coolest shows that most people in Denver never even heard about went down at the Knew Conscious Art Gallery. Featuring Michal Menert, Paul Basic, Late Night Radio, JuBee, Grim & Darling, Mikey Thunder, & more, the Super Best Records Showcase, though open to the public, was a very intimate affair for those in the know. Entry was $25, but it came with an unlimited bar tab. Nicely complimenting the stellar secret music lineup was free beer and liquor, free dabs, and some seriously mind-boggling, cutting edge art. The event was the first of what’s said to be a monthly party thrown by Menert’s Super Best label, with the lineup for each party being a complete surprise. The lineup this time around was one that will certainly get people around talking, as it probably would have sold out The Ogden had it been announced and promoted in advance.

When we arrived, Super Best resident DJ The BeatServer was laying down some smooth hip hop breaks. Shortly after that, none-other-than recent breakout Colorado act Late Night Radio took the decks and got the party hype with his energetic yet soulful bass-riddled electro hip hop breaks. Jumping on stage and the mic next was Super Best lyricist JuBee, who rapped along as The BeatServer served up some, well, beats. Joining JuBee after a little while was the man of the hour, Michal Menert himself, and the two went back to back on the mic. Menert then introduced the crowd to some stuff from his newest project, The Pretty Fantastics, which was more electro indie rock than anything, and actually quite good.

Next, Paul Basic took the stage, playing mostly new and unreleased stuff on a live drum machine. I’ve always been a big fan of Paul’s and thought he was underrated, but this newer stuff could be just what the PLM producer needs to take his career to the next level. Menert then came back up to join Paul as the duo Half Color, and played some of that good ol’ old school Menert/Basic PLM sound.

To put the cherry on top, JuBee and Jordan of Grim & Darling followed up Half Color with some skilled, suave, and tough-to-keep-up-with freestyling. Eventually jumping in was Jessa from Grim & Darling who provided some sweet, soulful vocals laced nicely throughout the two emcee’s rapping. By the time we left, we had quenched our thirst for a variety of genres. Be on the lookout for the next Super Best Showcase, as this hip “underground” monthly party is likely to become Denver’s next hottest party.

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