Sonic Bloom: 5 Ways to Complete the Experience

Humming_Dragon_CropSonic Bloom isn’t your typical music festival; it aims to craft an unforgettable experience that surpasses the physical and takes hold in the mind and heart. With an amazing lineup of artists including Tipper, the Opiuo Band, Giraffage, and more, it has pretty much already achieved this goal. However, Sonic Bloom aims to be more than just a music festival. It wants to provide festival goers with a spiritual, enlightening experience that will improve their lives forever. If you truly want to create these extraordinary memories, you have to witness and explore these 5 other things that make the trip to The Unified Field unique. Make sure to buy tickets HERE as the festival is approaching quickly!

Visual Arts:

Isla De Las Mujeres – Martina Hoffmann

Artists such as Android Jones, Randal Roberts, and the Apex Collective provide trippy and thought-provoking paintings and sculptures that occupy all parts of Hummingbird Ranch. Special galleries will be set up at the festival and there will also be live paintings from some of the many visual artists on the lineup.

Profiles (Taken from Sonic Bloom website):

Michael Garfield: Now in his seventh year at Sonic Bloom, Michael’s live art is a field guide to the invisible, electrical winged spirits that crash into being through a dancing crowd. Executed freehand with paint markers and informed by his years as a scientific illustrator, each work emerges organically from the throb of house and audience to form closed-eye tessellations and luminous fossils, verdant and exultant imagery written in the natural language of dreams.
Apex Collective: Apex is a collective based around collaboration being a means of rapid evolution. Influenced by science and technology, we can find a great deal of themes relating to evolution and morphogenesis. Progressing the language of imagery through a telepathic creative connection is the major goal. While being sensitive to both classical and contemporary methods, the group strives to capture the underlying movements and patterns that surpass time.
(Taken from Sonic Bloom website)


Sonic Flow

Whether you want to relax and unwind or challenge your body to do new things, Sonic Bloom has set up yoga and movement arts at the festival for it all. These include such things such as flow art, parkour, and fire performance arts that are aimed to stimulate the body through unique movement.


Dylan Sanders: Using mindful movement and breath, we have the potential to constantly shift our footprint. Through the exploration of pieces of the whole, such as the development and use of core, shoulder and wrist strength, and the freedom from fear, our footprints don’t have to involve feet at all. With a playful attitude, willingness to fall, and possibility of flight, let’s look at yoga inversions in a new light.

Performance Arts:

The Sacred G’s

Aside from the amazing musical performances, the festival will also provide enticing performance arts. Shows include incredible fire shows, hoop performances, dance groups, and more.


Lunar Fire: Let go of all familiarity and climb into a world of fantasy, alchemy, dreams and magic with mythmakers Lunar Fire. Formed in 2002 on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala when legendary band Kan’Nal’s dance troupe expanded theatrical storylines to include talented aerialists fire spinners and dancers. Inspired by personal voyages Lunar Fire pays homage through dance and music to our ancestors and future generations of urban and ethnic cultures universally to inspire a new paradigm. Dreaming the Future!


Cassie Prigge

To provide festival goers with a truly enlightening experience, Sonic Bloom has arranged for speakers from many disciplines to inform attendees about many topics that range from philosophy and the mind to math and space.


David Berger: David Berger is an active speaker and published philosophical writer. He holds Bachelor degrees in Philosophy and English. Some of his specialties include Semiotics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Eastern Philosophy (particularly Taoism and Zen Buddhism), and Existential Phenomenology. He is excited for the amazing opportunity to share his theories and ideas in the setting of Sonic Bloom, and hopes to share in joyous moments of inspiration and critical thinking.
Jamie Janover: Jamie is a trained emissary and will present the scientific research of The Resonance Project. His talk will cover quantum theory, biophysics, astrophysics, mathematics, sacred geometry, ancient civilizations, esoteric philosophy and groundbreaking technologies. Be prepared to have your mind blown open and transformed into seeing new meaning behind the vacuum of spacetime and the infinite within the singularity.


The Orgone Gifting Movement

Hands-on workshops contribute to an intimate experience at the festival, allowing attendees to learn something. You can supplement your knowledge in many different ways, including flow arts, jewelry, and connecting your mind with the body.Profiles:


Jackie Knechtel & Justin Faerman:

These two are sought after experts and teachers known for their pioneering work in the area of flow. They speak, hold retreats, and lead workshops worldwide showing people how to master the art of effortless living. They are also the authors of the forthcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless Living and are working to shifting consciousness on a global scale through blending science and spirituality into practical tools for living an enlightened life.


Extra: Sonic Bloom Academy:

Sonic Bloom is also arranging a pre-festival academy that costs extra, but is definitely worth it if you are pursuing an artistic or environmental dream, or just want to enrich your learning. There are four series of learning, including Movement Arts, Visionary Art, Permaculture action, and Ableton Live which each have experts in their field leading the study. With each series comes free parking, 2 meals a day, 21 hours of education, first priority camping, and connections made with the people and environment you love.

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