Soda Island: A Musical Oasis

Soda Island       The tunes of Soda Island are melodic and energetic, with emotion packed into every second. They’re simply beautiful. The group is comprised of 7 young artists including Grynpyret, Ramzoid, and Spire who are paving a path for the future of electronic music. Reminiscent of the 90s, while still capturing sounds of the future, these artists use their talent to craft stories about the mystical island in which they reside.

       Here’s a quote straight from the collective describing their mission:

       “Soda Island is a collective of musicians and artists that strive to make happy, cheerful music to be played all over the island. They innovate and experiment to create the best tunes they possibly can. Their goal is to have fun doing what they do, and to give their listeners a musical experience unlike any other.“

       The story of Soda Island is unusual, to say the least. Although not much is known about the group, we do know that they are taking advantage of the internet to push their vision of art into the world. The members operate in every corner of the world, with Ramzoid hailing from Canada, Grynpyret residing in Sweden, and Izzard living in the United States. They are also extremely young, with most of them being in their teens. It’s truly amazing what technology has allowed the world to do and Soda Island knows how to use it to their advantage.

       The collective not only works in the auditory realm, but also takes pride in their accompanying visual art. Funi, Soda Island’s illustrator, creates cute, pastel designs that represent their music perfectly. The group of artists is revolutionizing both music and visual art.

       Watch out for their upcoming album A Trip To Soda Island coming out soon.

Make sure to check out their SoundCloud HERE:

Here are a couple tunes from Soda Island: 

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