San Francisco’s Legendary Temple Nightclub Will Soon Open in Denver

The original Temple SF

by Eloise Ryser

It is clear that the people of Denver are always down for a good time. The city is always full of fun things to do whether it be live music, brewery tours, good restaurants, or one of the slew of special events that take place throughout the year. Now, with fall just around the corner, we will have one more option when choosing a worthy location to meet up with friends, and that place is Temple Nightclub Denver. Here at ELCO, we consider ourselves pretty well versed in what Denver has to offer in terms of nightclubs, so when we had the opportunity to sit down with the executive team at Temple to talk about the opening of Denver’s latest club, we couldn’t pass it up.

Temple Denver will be the second installment in a project led by Paul Hemming, who’s vision has already been met with great success in San Francisco, where the original Temple Nightclub has been gaining popularity for the past 10 years. Temple Denver will come as one component of what will be called Zen Compound, located at the old City Hall Amphitheatre, which will also feature a co-working space, modern art gallery, and a breakfast café. It will strive to be a space where the people of Denver will be able to spend a large part of the day, immersed in one cohesive artistic experience. If these concepts seem a bit disparate, as they did to me, the underlying theme of Zen Compound remains singular. Bob Shindelar, Temple’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained that “even though each business in Zen Compound is vastly different, the fundamentals behind each are the same: responsibility in all forms, to each other and our planet; constant evolution; and a drive to create something meaningful.” 

Of the three concepts comprising Zen Compound, Temple Nightclub will be the first to open this fall, and it will definitely bring new vigor to Denver’s nightlife. When I asked how this 21 and up club will differentiate itself from some of the existing nightclubs in Denver, like Beta and Club Vinyl, I was told that Temple creates “an unparalleled customer experience by treating every night as an individual event, from the moment the first guest walks through the door until the last person leaves.” In addition to its goal of unparalleled customer service, Temple will pay extra close attention to event production as well as the kind stuff we all hope to witness when we’re at the club; surprise acts.

If this new club is anything like its San Francisco counterpart, the production will include innumerable lights, smoke guns, and other over-the-top elements to give the clientele a distraction from the rest of the world. This level of production is something that has been missing from most of Denver’s clubs, and it is hard to imagine that anyone will find this kind of extravagance distasteful. The Temple Nightclub team is confident that the experience they are bringing will be unlike anything Denver has seen before, moreover, it will be the kind of place that we have all been waiting for, whether we knew it or not.

While Denver and San Francisco have many things in common, Temple itself will not merely be a replication of the California location, but it will instead cater to our city’s unique character. In the words of the Temple executive team, “we’re bringing a nightclub to Denver, for the people of Denver, make no mistake about it.”

About the author:

Eloise is a junior at CU Boulder, where she studies finance and accounting. Hopefully, one day she will graduate. When she isn’t busy trying to add up numbers, she is most likely at a concert in Denver, eating ice cream, or playing with her cat.

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