[REVIEW] Woolymammoth at The Black Box

Dj Woolymammoth brought his signature sound to Denver’s #1 underground music venue The Black Box last Friday night. Hailing out of San Francisco, CA, 19 year old Jason Wool is not a well known name in the EDM realm, but he is rapidly gaining fame as a talented producer. The Nova Juant Tour is a smash and I highly suggest making the trip to his show. His music could be described as cross genre, dark, twisting beats, drawn out synths, sometimes chaotic then reforming into a heavy bassline and grimey rhythms. Courteous Family, his current label, is just killing the game right now, with an incredible line up of talent putting out diverse sounds.

Colorado talent was out in force tonight as everyone but Woolymammoth was from this great state. Local Denver DJ, Sin7, started the night off, followed by a heavier dubstep and electro set from Calvin Hobbes. Another Denver native, Gangus, played a fantastic set of a wide variety of music that defied classification. For those not familiar, he has been putting out incredibly versatile beats for years and is a frequent collaborator with the likes of Tsuruda, Dr. Derg, and other Courteous Family prodigies.

Woolymammoth has a very signature sound that can always be picked out when he drops an original. Starting off with a bang, he played a plethora of unreleased music including a couple new song with Tsuruda and even something he concocted earlier in the day. His hard hitting rhythms went from grungy heavy bass to dubby bangers with plenty of classics like Goom from the Tricks EP and his Jackal-Chinchilla remix. He expertly fused diverse rhythms together in a continuous progression that always kept the audience guessing. If you are a fan of the rising yet weird bass sound, you need to check this guy out. He will be making the rounds in festivals across the US like Electric Forest.

For a taste of his set, check out the Nova Juant Mixtape on Soundcloud.

Photos by Juliana Moskow Photography and Hoss Photography

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