[Review] Warehouse Experience: Sasha the legend!

It’s not often one see’s a music legend in an intimate venue, but on April 6th this well-known electronic legend graced the Mile High City with his vibes. Sasha played an extended set at a warehouse near Denver all night long, entrancing everyone in his musical magic into the early morning. A rare opportunity that was not to be missed, the Sasha Warehouse Experience was, although overcrowded but very justifiable, an experience that was worth seeing.

For over thirty years Sasha has been performing around the world at every type of place you can imagine- From Ibiza to a warehouse in Colorado. He and John Digweed have been major league players for so long they are indeed legends, whom still perform together on occasion. A four-time International Dance Music Award winner, and a four-time DJ Mag award winner (which is a British magazine for electronica since 1991) and a Grammy nominee, Sasha truly is a legendary DJ.

He is a man who knows how to read the room and create vibes that flow the way the people want. He knows how to send you into bliss within moments of indulging yourself and makes time irreverent.

It took me no time at all to forget everything and bask in the rhythms and beat of Sasha’s performance. My mind went blank and I focused on the music for so long when I finally snapped myself out of the trance, I didn’t know how long I had been gone. Several times in fact I found myself returning to reality, becoming aware of my surroundings and remembering where I was. It was truly a spellbinding experience.

The light show was also something worth mentioning, as they were some of the best productions I’ve seen at an event like this. Sasha had me in an auditory stimuli while the lights had me in a visual stimuli – I was completely and literally hypnotized! A complementary sync of senses quite literally put me in a state of…dare I say, trance!

In retrospect and hindsight I feel foolish entering the event thinking anything less than a massive crowd. Sasha has been such a large image in the scene for so long, I really couldn’t have expected anything less. As large of a crowd that a mammoth of a DJ brought, Whirling Dervish really did quite well overall, and maintained a pleasurable environment for a place other than your typical – which is why I enjoy their events. All in all, one of the best performances from everyone involved. Keep it up!




By: Shane Patterson

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