[REVIEW] VOLAC – DIS Tour Is Kinda Funky

A Friday night out in Denver can lead in so many different direction, but this Friday I decided to head on down to Broadway to hear VOLAC play spin some house at Temple. With a belly full of DP Dough I arrived at the club. Walking through the entrance, it feels as if you just arrived on a spaceship, a tunnel of pulsing LED’s guiding you forward. Just at the end of the hallway you emerge on the second floor overlooking a mass of dancing bodies on the main dancefloor down below. Supporting VOLAC was DJ Atone, laying down a steady 4/4 rhythm to get the crowd ready for the main attraction.


VOLAC is a Russian producer/DJ duo making music with elements of deep house, g-house, and bass house. They’ve released music on the hottest house labels around, spanning This Ain’t Bristol, Night Bass, IN/ ROTATION, CONFESSION, and more. The VOLACAST mix series is a must listen and features a half hour of VOLAC and a half hour of heavy hitters like Kyle Watson, Destructo, Will Clarke, and other friends.

VOLAC has been on my radar for I while but this was the first show of theirs I have been able to catch. As they step on stage in their signature visor and bucket hats, the dance floor floods with people from other areas of the venue eager to get a good spot. Tune after tune spits out of the funktion one speakers, a mix of VOLAC originals and other house tunes. Songs such as “Like Dis” by VOLAC & Gustavo Mota, “Right About” by Bellecour and “Move Your Body” by Tchami. Every now and then confetti cannons would rocket off to cheers from the crowd. Fortunately, VOLAC released their brand new Funky EP that very day, so we got to hear that as well.

The music kept pumping until 1:50 am. While some people had trickled out, there was still a substantial number of people still dancing. To close their set, VOLAC played some amazing Insane in the Membrane remix. What a night. I would highly recommend checking out VOLAC the next chance you can. Their tour continues around the US until December 30th.

Written by Hunter Saillen

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