[REVIEW] SoDown EP Single ‘Stand Up’ feat. Homemade Spaceship!

This weekend SoDown visits the wonderful city of Fort Collins on October 5th at The Aggie Theatre, as well as his hometown Boulder on October 6th at The Fox Theatre. Before the homegrown superstar visits the two arguably best cities in Colorado, SoDown is releasing his newest single Stand Up Feat. Homemade Spaceship, TODAY!


Stand Up is his lead single from his upcoming EP Jet Black, and although each song in the EP deserves a review of its own, Stand Up stands out among the others.

A catchy chime in the beginning is followed by a ‘raggae-like’ beat that is accompanied by catchy lyrics from a heavy deep voice. The buildup drops followed by a glitchy, scratch rhythm one can imagine would pair with some spectacular visuals. In several stages of the song there is a deep hard bass – the one that feels hollow and gives a sense of a dark empty wave. The end finishes as it begins which makes it a perfect song to loop and play on repeat. A heavy song with strong drops and solid beats, Stand Up is meant for the hard.

This EP is SoDown’s first full length SoHeavy EP – one of his three GetDown keys; SoHeavy, SoGroovy and SoChill. His keys represent and reflects the versatility SoDown is able to create within the genre and are represented by different shapes, each one resembling the type of music and energy it stands for. SoHeavy is represented by a diamond, SoGroovy by a Triangle and SoChill a circle. You can see and hear the different styles HERE.

Rarely is an artist able to expand so extensively into multiple sub genres successful, yet the structure and organization SoDown arranges his sounds seems easy and natural to him. He is a truly skillful and talented artist whose inspiration came from a Pretty Lights show at Red Rocks. He put his ambition and determination to work and in seven short years saw himself performing with Pretty Lights at Red Rocks last year! Since then, SoDown has only continued to rise, playing shows at other Colorado heavy hitters including Global Dance, Sonic Bloom and other major festivals around the world. A music genius, SoDown is an artist to fully embrace the experience at smaller venues such as The Fox and The Aggie. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!

Stand Up

By Shane Patterson

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