Review: SHADED Live at the Milk Bar

In the underground Milk Bar hidden in the alley of Bar Standard, the much anticipated for and long awaited SHADED had his performance in Denver Thursday night. UNstructured Sounds hosted yet another stellar artist at one of Denver’s greatest club venues, bringing a performance to Denver that keeps one returning show after show. Taking the stage around midnight SHADED lived up to his reputation and the anticipation by bringing together the ‘fine line between precision and raw emotion. . . when those two elements come together and click, magic happens in the music’.

And magic happened indeed as the dance floor entranced everyone there in the signature sound of SHADED. Despite the comfort of the rows and rows of padded seating lining each wall of Milk Bar, not a single party-goer sat for longer than a moment because of the energy that rang throughout.

Just by glancing at the others, one could see each person lost in the trance of SHADED as though no one was watching; the deep beats and perfectly timed drops placed everyone in their own world. Just as times before, UNstructured Sounds did not disappoint in location or talent, and hosted one of the best techno house DJ’s the world has to offer.

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