[Review] Rezz Re-energizes Rawhide

Rezz once again put on a spectacular show from start to finish. The opening support of i_o and Drezo paired nicely with Rezz’s signature hypnotic vibes. Drezo surprised the crowd by bringing out Ghastly for a back to back performance. Even though Isabella (Rezz) was sick according to her tweets, it didn’t stop her from putting full energy into her set. All she required was a chair to sit down on.  

The captivating beams from her lasers made the crown drool over the cosmic rays that flowed along to her hypnotic melodies. She played her newest songs including “Psycho” which features audio and visuals from the 1950’s movie by the same name. Rezz re-energized a favorite song by Porter Robinson with her rendition of “Divine.” The energy and complexity of Rezz’s music are ever increasing, and we can’t wait to see what the next performance brings.

By John Miller and Brandon Lopez

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