[REVIEW] Real DJing – Zeke Beats at The Black Box

Thursday, October 12th

Comfy shoes; check.
Earplugs; check.
Heady scarf; check.

I pulled up on The Black Box in an Uber stuffed like a clown car. One by one, we emerged from the depths of the vehicle and marched our way into the venue. Spirits were high and people were excited to spend the night with vibrations put out by Coult-45, Kyral x Banko, and Zeke Beats, not to mention the Grease Crew killin it in the lounge.

By the time I arrived Sin7 had already handed the stage off to Coult-45, a fellow Colorado native holding down the local scene for as long as I have been around Denver. His high energy set fused elements of dubstep, trap, drum & bass and house, rarely touching the microphone except to give a shout-out to Jantsen, another Denver dubstep pioneer. Big ups to Coult-45.

As time ticked onward, Kyral x Banko made their way to the stage to unleash a fury of sound into all corners of the venue. The duo bounced back and forth on the decks, queuing a diverse combination of their original tracks and those of other producers. Just recently they released an EP on Quality Goods, one that I highly recommend tossing into your playlists. At one point in the show, the rhymesayer Banko bust out into a freestyle, crushing the mic and luring the crowd into a frenzy.

At this point in the night, the venue had filled to a sizeable crowd of hooligans flailing around to the beat. Tracks like Tomahawk (Josh Pan), Super Hot (Oski), The Box (Joyryde), M’s (A$AP Rocky), Babylon Skrillex Remix (Ekali) came out, plus some unidentified fire remixes to songs like Golddigger (Kanye West) and Bun Up The Dance (Dillon Francis). Kyral x Banko came out to spread good vibes and play some heaters. Mission accomplished

Quote of the night: “Shout out to Pabst for their tasty and award-winning beer” – Kyral x Banko

Bringing the evening to a close was the Aussie beatsmith, Zeke Beats, coming all the way from Perth. Kicking things off, you already knew he was gonna throw down a crazy turntablist set. His intro was bonkers, bouncing between staggered decks and effortlessly scratching to the beat. Next to his turntables lay a Native Instruments Maschine, used creatively to trigger samples, activate looping transitions, and much more. At one point in the night, he held it into the air and finger drummed facing the crowd. Intermittently, Zeke dropped a string of unreleased music, genuinely generating excitement for his upcoming releases, notably a Real Trap Shit collab with UZ and the long-awaited Humanoid 2.0 with EPROM.

Between his unreleased music we heard sounds from his most recent EP Dispatch, popular bangers like Yuck, and an endless supply of creative mixes, such as a mashup between XO Tour Llif3, Underground and Don’t Hate the 808 or another chopping up The Illest (Moksi). It didn’t stop there, throwing in tracks by G Jones, Bleep Bloop, EPROM and another with Quix, Josh Pan, and Slumberjack.

Ending his set, Zeke shared the sentiment of how it still blows his mind that there are people all the way on the other side of the world who will come turn out for his music. Thus far, this has been Zeke’s favorite stop on the tour. Denver goes hard. Sounds transcend borders. Move people through sound, not hype.

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Written by Hunter Saillen

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