[REVIEW] Multi-Instrumentalist Mura Masa Marvels the Gothic

One of the greatest parts of the Internet is the freedom it presents its users with. For Alex Crossan, better known as Mura Masa, the rise of sharing platforms like MySpace and SoundCloud has allowed his musical creativity to skyrocket through the roof. Mura Masa has one of the greatest success stories of bedroom producers.

Originating from a tiny town in the UK with little opportunity, he stumbled upon Hudson Mohawke’s Thunder Bay at the tender age of 15. Realizing the elasticity that electronic music presented, he quickly began experimenting with new sounds and styles. He quickly rose to SoundCloud fame and is now touring the world and working with huge names such as Damon Albarn and Desiigner. This has culminated to Crossan coming to the Gothic Theater in Denver for a sold out show.

Mura Masa brought out KUČKA to open, who you may recognize from her many collaborations with Flume. The singer combined her dreamy vocals with an amazing Shawn Wasabi-like performance using a MIDI Pad. What resulted was a soothing, but still danceable act and a perfect opener for the amazing act to come.

As the crowd grew antsy waiting for the headliner to appear, all I could do was stare at the plethora of instruments on stage and wonder how one man (or maybe a band?) could play all of them. Mura Masa’s signature sounds come from around the world as harps, flutes, steel drums, and smooth 808s permeate his tunes to create suave and beautiful sounding music that defies boundaries. My question was swiftly answered as I saw Crossan come on stage with no one else except his vocalist, Fliss. Crossan jumped from his drum set to his chimes and back to his keyboard to craft a set that perfectly illuminated his style. Fliss, a striking vocalist, showcased his new vocal-heavy album and complimented his style with her quirky stage presence. She sang along with A$AP Rocky on “Lovesick” and Charli XCX on “1 Night”, creating amazing harmonies.

The collaboration between the live instrumentals of Mura Masa and vocalist Fliss saw for a perfect representation of the artist’s music while bending my expectations of concerts. The intimacy of the Gothic also allowed for an unprecedented live experience. Next time Mura Masa comes to Denver he’ll be playing in a much bigger venue, as his trajectory only goes up from here.

Written by Sousheel Vunnam

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