[Review] Cosmic Gate: A 20 Year Nostalgia of Trance

Everyone remembers the first song which introduced them into a new genre of music; for me, it was Blink-182 into the punk scene, Rammstein into the metal scene, and Cosmic Gate into the EDM scene. Everybody can explain why they became attracted to a certain genre of music for a reason, but the answer is simple and clear; frisson. Frisson is a French word meaning ‘shiver‘, which when listening to certain audio or visual stimuli evoke goosebumps.

Ever since I heard “The Wave” by Cosmic Gate I was enthralled and sold; it made me feel like I was on a rocket ship about to blast off into intergalactic space. The feeling and sensation never ended as I let the roots of the seed expand and grow into the many branches that encompass the EDM scene. I soon loved it all, but always had a special liking to Trance because of them.

Fast forward 16 years later and I still have those initial and immediate frisson feelings; blasting off into intergalactic space. Few artists can create lasting musical sensation such as Cosmic Gate, however after seeing them live after so much anticipation for so long, I can attest that their music holds up to time.

Musical artists come and go quickly and it’s rare to see a duo last ten years, let alone twenty years, which Cosmic Gate have stayed strong and have continuously produced and mixed the best-of-the-best of what trance music really is. For two decades Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossemsin – Nic and Bosse, the duo who makes up Cosmic Gate – have given the world (when I say the world I mean THE WORLD) the meaning of trance and dance music. They have performed virtually everywhere at every major festival and venue, so many that I can’t even begin to list it’s so long, but to see such legends with that kind of track record play at a smaller more intimate venue was something very special.

All through their set at The Gothic Theatre on March 8th Cosmic Gate made us feel their passion and want to perform for us. There were a few times in their set where they would stop the music for the crowd to partake in the lyrics, at which I heard the whole theater sing together in unison. It was another moment of ‘frisson’ to see a theater full of other enthusiastic fans singing together with as much energy as myself – it was as if they were hearing Cosmic Gate for the first time as well.

Few artists produce chart hits or classics like they have, nor stay together as long as they have – its rare for me to see the artists I grew up listening to and to see them perform live now. After so much anticipation to see one of my favorite and nostalgic artists the wait was well worth it, and I have no doubt I’ll see them again in the near future. They made me feel like I was riding the cosmos in an intergalactic spaceship once again, just as I felt the first time I heard them in the back of a beefed out Suburban. Those kind of memories last with you forever, as does Cosmic Gate.

by Shane Patterson

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