[REVIEW] Break Science Ties it All Together with Latest Release, ‘Grid of Souls’

by Sarah Sumler

Brooklyn-raised collaborators Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee, currently completing a five city US tour, are showcasing their talents on a new 10-track LP entitled Grid of Souls. Influenced by the thriving pulse and rich musical legacy of the city that never sleeps, Break Science blends together a range of diverse influences from hip hop and jazz to breakbeat and house music.

Their new single, “Cruise Control” is the perfect electronic road trip music, with solid and soulful vocals by Raquel Rodriguez. Like many of the tracks on this release, “Reno” has an airy and uplifting vibe that’s grounded with Deitch’s smooth trip-hop drums. “Light Shine Down” is a 70’s and 80’s inspired funky track that is infused with disco-flavor that pays tribute to the roots of dance music. The lighthearted mood continues on tracks like “Guiding Light”, “Supermoon”, and “Force of Nature” which highlight Lee’s talent for creating ambiance with the keys.

While the LP succeeds in maintaining a consistent sound, some tracks are weaker than others.  For instance, “Android Love” doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from other tracks, while “Make-a-Move” comes across as a bit cluttered. That said, the addition of several guest artists such as Paperwhite, Lettuce, Apryl Sashay, and CTZN add a plethora of fresh and interesting voices to the mix. For instance, “Crazy Lately” is a standout track that showcases the vocal talents of up-and-coming Chicago-based rapper ProbCause over a fuzzy experimental beat, and “Anthemy Mason” is a bouncy, fun booty-shaker featuring Brasstracks that utilizes classic horns and bends them in ways that sound new and inventive.

In conclusion, Grid of Souls is a collection of diverse tracks that all work well together as a coherent whole and bring to the table a laid-back summery vibe of a classic NYC block party.

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