[REVIEW] Bassrush Massive Arizona

Once again Rawhide Event Center delivered a show that blew away all expectations. It featured a stacked lineup and with an impressive amount of lighting, lasers, confetti cannons and speakers. With all this focused on one stage, the stage presence was massively impressive. The indoor stage had nothing short of a million floodlights, with many positioned out over the crowd. Alright you caught me, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but there sure was a beaming rainbow of light projecting down onto the crowd. With lasers projected from the stage out towards the ceiling support beams the show was as mesmerizing to watch backward as forward. The lasers projected out overhead and landed on ceiling beams where they danced about. With a more complete stage than ever before this event stood out as one of the most visually stunning shows Rawhide has ever put on.

Credit JacobTylerDunn

A BassRush event is never complete without an awesome Drum and Bass performer. Andy C filled this role, as he has since he began pioneering the Genre in the early 90’s. Andy C delivered a performance that would make diehard drum and bass fans grin from ear to ear. With a quicker tempo than dubstep, Andy C’s beats hit the audience with a speed that takes even the most experienced raver by surprise. His signature double drop really kept the crowd on its toes as he combined the melodies from familiar songs with those that are new. Andy C is a champion when it comes to scouting new sounds and delivered a set list like none other.

Flux Pavilion lived up to what he is known for and threw down the heaviest wubs of the night. With industrial bass mixed with futuristic sounds the audience went on a journey across the sea of wubs and into an electronic house. HIs unique sound and his ability to feel out the mood of the crowd make for a mesmerizing show that feels intimate. Flux Pavilion satisfied the crowd’s desire for his classic songs with “I Can’t Stop”, “Scientist” and “Starstruck” electrifying the speakers. In true Flux Pavillion fashion the epic bass cannon kicked it with confetti pouring out over the crowd during his performance of “Gold Dust”.

Adventure Club is known for having catchy songs to which everyone can sing along. This evidently encouraged crowd engagement and participation both with the artist and with each other. Songs like “Gold” make the crowd one with words that naturally flow from the speakers, through your ears, and across your lips. With strong emotional bonds created through participation with music, Adventure club let the good times roll. Adventure Club had no issue keeping the audience’s captivation by bringing heavy bass, which energized the crowd. Adventure Club earned its spot closing out the night by mastering the art of evoking emotion through the use of shifting tempos and sounds. The smooth sounds of Adventure Club’s songs allowed for the transition between slow tempos inspiring reflection and quicker tempos that spark optimism.

Credit JacobTylerDunn

The stage, however, was not what stood out the most, and neither were the performers. What really stood out to me was the crowd and the compassion that they brought forth. The community that attends events at the Rawhide has a special vibe to it that goes beyond embracing the values of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect and brings forth feelings of acceptance, camaraderie, and euphoria. A couple audience members in particular stood out, such as a guy who seemed to give nearly everyone in attendance a pair of GloFX paper diffraction glasses. These glasses enhanced the viewing of the stage lighting and offered a novel perspective on the show. Another memorable audience member freed up a 7-foot wide circle in the middle of the crowd during NGHTMRE’s set. He then proceeded to instruct John to perform with his new Levitation Wand as dozens of people were circled around taking snapchat videos. It’s little moments like these that remind me that my rave family is there to make my night the best possible night I can have. At Bassrush Massive the audience and artists achieved just that. After a long night with all of the familiar faces around it almost feels like I am leaving home when I head out from the Rawhide.

Written by Brandon Lopez and John Miller