[REVIEW] Adriatique: The Return of Something Great

Photo: Mixmag

I tend to write my reviews with an expository or descriptive tone rather than using my opinion with personal pronouns, however since last March when I first saw them I have been looking forward to the return of my favorite house DJs; Adriatique. Headlining the official Denver Winter Showcase after-party last year, Adriatique lost me in the music and stole time as their house and techno absorbed me into the early morning. Ever since then I have been anticipating their return, and last Friday Afterhours Anonymous invited them back for another rare all-night warehouse show at Cluster Studios.

Adriatique’s deep house music is the perfect atmosphere and mood for a large open warehouse. Their deep and hard bass vibrates the support structures and the dark, somewhat ‘creepy and eerie’ tones gives you the sensation of being in a setting like ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ or ‘The City of Lost Children’ at times. Their music puts you in a trance and clears your mind of anything else, and before long you realize hours have passed, lost in the music and the stellar light displays.

Tucked in the corner was Adriatique (unfortunately only one Adrian (as they are both named Adrian) due to illness of the other), with a large iron fence-like gate behind him, and on each side of the dance floor before him were two more gates on the walls. These were no ordinary gates however, as amazing light displays ran between each gate – at times having you feel like you were under water, and other times so stellar with patterns and rhythms that you couldn’t look away. Behind Adriatique were long five-feet (or so) tube-like lights that hung down and also had a show of their own that drew your  attention. It was truly an immersive visual production, just as promised.

The atmosphere created from their music and the visual displays were ideal for a large open warehouse that gave the impression of secrecy and silence – outside of the venue, but a raging party inside. I’ve once again affirmed that Cluster Studios and Afterhours Anonymous / Mahesh Presents are no doubt my favorite party and place to spend all night dancing into the morning hours, and Adriatique are no doubt my favorite and most admired DJs.

written by Shane Patterson


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