[Review] 303 Family presents: Can’t Sleep!

Denver really is a great place for the EDM scene; whether it’s a deep house warehouse event, a large dub-step show at a sold out theater, or a happy-hardcore all night event at a beautiful art gallery. There is something for everyone in the scene and on April 12th the happycore raver took the reigns for the night as costumes, makeup and of course, kandi, reigned everywhere.

Happycore may be the genre that makes use of kandi the most, as even at an event with a couple hundred patrons many of them had kandi sleeves – as in their entire arms were covered in kandi! Very impressive to see, and it’s always so fun to see others’ kandi and the stories behind them. Stories such as people coming from other states and countries for this event! DJ’s Scott Brown hails from Scotland and Al Storm from the UK, and along with Mitomoro and Donk Squad it was their first Colorado appearance! Locals included – EMZEE of the 303 Family,  Zak & Mack as well as Drew Derivative vs Memekore.

The continuous hard beats was definitely a welcomed style I have missed, and the DJ’s really made me work out. So much I realized I need new show shoes! The venue was also unique, a feature of 303 Family I have always loved about them – once it was at a boxing arena, and this time it was in an art gallery! Something different than your normal boring venue, and I love it. I never know what to expect! It was quite a treat to see so much art – the music, the paintings on the wall, the light show, the people…there was artwork everywhere and it was fantastic. Another thing worth mentioning was the crowd. Without them none of this would happen and the individuals that attend are some of the friendliest and happiest people you’ll ever meet. Great music, great people, great place – 303 Family nailed it!

It felt good to be back into the happycore, 4/4 beat, dance rhythm well into the morning once again. It was a fun reminder of how different groups (of music and people) all fall within the same EDM umbrella, and even though the styles vary, it’s all PLUR.


By: Shane Patterson

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