[RELEASE] Local Badboys Kyral x Banko Remix Jantsen’s ‘Badboy Sound’

Kyral x Banko are on a hot streak! Mere hours ago the Denver/Chicago duo released their take on Jantsen’s Badboy Sound, after only recently releasing their collab with SoDown on KillEm and a Buzzin Remix EP. The term “Badboy” gets tossed around loosely these days, but I can assure you that this remix is certified Badboy.

Anticipation builds the moment the song begins, grabbing the listeners attention until the first drop comes cascading in, a wash of glitchy, squeaky, distorted trap synths. The style reminds me a bit of Zeke Beats. The second drop switches things up with 8 measures of a hardstyle kick pattern, only bring in hella wubs before the final breakdown.

Only recommendation; needs more cowbell.

Kyral x Banko just had their first headline show at The Black Box and can be seen next opening up for LUZCID and Conrank for April 11ths edition of Re:Search Wenesdays at Cervantes Other Side.


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