[Q&A] Evanoff Release New Track, Aesthetic Arrest

Colorado space rock group Evanoff just released a track called “Aesthetic Arrest” and the title says it all. Check out our brief Q&A with bandmate Jake Hall, scope out their upcoming shows, and give this heavy, cosmic jam a listen below.

ELCO: Tell us a little bit about this new track…what was the inspiration behind it and what direction, if any, is it sending Evanoff?
Jake: Aesthetic Arrest is a term to describe the way one’s mind goes still in moments that we experience absolute beauty. Everyone has experienced this at some point in their life, whether they realize it or not, it’s what truly connects us to the artists we love, the performances we remember, and the people we care for. In art, music, nature… really anything that strikes that note, in some way shapes us. The original form, and production was written by JJ, and the structure of the song represents those moments of aesthetic arrest. The long entrancing build into a big open drop… the moment of awe and loss of thought, that’s what we wanted to capture and I feel to be the heart of the song.
ELCO: What is it about Colorado breeding the best “jamtronica” bands?
Jake: First off we are a mile high… Secondly, a “jam” is an adventure, a journey, unique to that moment and space, and you won’t hear the same thing ever again. The mountains, the hiking, the skiing/boarding, the kayaking, the rock climbing and all the vast and majestic lands to explore, they tend to draw a type of folk that want the adventure, that crave that love of something new and always appreciate a great experience. Then you throw Denver into the mix which is aforementioned to be the BASS capitol of the USA by the likes of Bassnectar, Rusko, Caspa etc…  Its no surprise that musicians who grow up here create music that is considered “jamtronica.” But honestly we don’t jam that much, its not our focus. 
ELCO: What’s your favorite thing about being from Colorado?
Jake: Though I’m not originally from Colorado, I have had the opportunity to live here for the past ~6 years now. During my time as a resident of this wonderful state, I have met so many wonderful people within this scene and beyond. The atmosphere created by the people here as well as everything I explained about what draws people to CO in the last question are my favorite aspects of being a community member in this area and state.
ELCO: Is there a moment that has defined Evanoff as a band thus far?
Jake: Our shows, that’s where we feel most alive.

Upcoming Evanoff tour dates:

12.10 The Historic Brown | Breckenridge, CO
1.14 The Lariat in Buena Vista | Buena Vista, CO
1.19 Schubas Tavern, Southport, Chicago | Chicago, IL*
1.20 The Miramar Theatre | Milwaukee, WI*
1.21 The Stache | Grand Rapids, MI*
1.27 Knitting Factory Brooklyn | Brooklyn, NY*
1.28 Stella Blues LLC | New Haven, CT*
2.3-2.5 Gem and Jam Festival | Tucson, AZ
2.11 Lake Dillon Tavern | Dillion, CO
2.17 Animas City Theatre | Durango, CO
2.24 The Eldo Brewery & Venue | Stevens Point, WI*
3.2 The Encore | Stevens Point, WI*
3.3 The Frequency | Madison, WI*
3.9 Higher Ground | Burlington, VT
3.10 Middle East Downstairs | Boston, MA*
3.11 The 8×10 | Baltimore, MD*
4.6-4.9 Euphoria Music Festival | Austin, TX
* with Vibe Street!

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