[Preview] Sonic Bloom 2018 Phase 1 & 2 Lineups are in the Books

Tucked away in Colorado’s peaceful southern mountain range is the states most anticipated music festival; Sonic Bloom. A mix of various types of EDM music along with different types of yoga, acrobatic, meditative workshops, as well as inspirational speakers (such as Jamie Janover) and other fun and entertaining activities provide festival-goers with endless fun. The beautiful Hummingbird Ranch, dubbed- ‘the long-term home of Sonic Bloom Festival“, is only about an hour and a half from Denver and far enough to appreciate Colorado’s beauty. One forgets their worries and escapes their troubles when they enter the tranquil and serene atmosphere of the Ranch. For one weekend every year the lights illuminate the landscape and the music vibrates the earth as dancers, ravers, hippies, jammers, and people of all sorts of different walks unite in unity to enjoy their love for music.

With the phase 1 lineup announced last month and the phase 2 announced several days ago, here are some highlights from each.

Phase 1 lineup highlights: Shpongle, Keys ‘n Krates, Dirtwire, and Golf Clap.

Shpongle, a psychedelic trance and ambiance duo whose infusion of world music and sooth, melodic trance/ambient music puts you in a dazed euphoric state of mental and visual hypnosis. A real experience that’s hard to put into words.


Keys ‘n Krates ( a personal favorite) a Canadian Electronic/hip-hop trio, have been touring around the world and Colorado for many years and have recently released their debut album, Cura.


Nightmares on Wax is a long time veteran to the rave scene and a true master of the art. His achievements and biography is so impressive it’s hard to summarize his thirty years of electronic amazement.


Dirtwire, a sideproject from Beats Antiques‘ David Satori, is a conglomeration of world, electronic, and instrumental glory. Check out more HERE.


Golf Clap is another personal favorite, from the house branch of electronic music. From Detroit, the duo are no strangers to Colorado as they have played everywhere from a warehouse to the larger venues and festivals, Golf Clap are fun to see.


The second lineup was just announced, and boy do we have some more talent before us!

Phase 2 lineup highlights: Dynohunter, SoDown, and Late Night Radio.

Dynohunter is one of a number of Colorado born live-instrument bands who infuse brass, keys, drums and percussion’s into their stellar performances. A very new and wonderful experience, Dynohunter keeps your attention and is a breath of fresh air.


SoDown is also an offspring of Colorado’s favorite types of EDM; with live brass instruments (think Big Gigantic or Dynohunter) and he plays it well. A very energetic and groovy producer, any fan of Colorado will be a fan of SoDown.


Late Night Radio an “electro hip hop soul” artist with groovy beats that make you think of that funky 70s soul sound.

The full phase 2 lineup:


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a few highlights from the first two line-up announcements, but with too many artists to name and with many more to come covering them all would be quite the job. Needless to say the enticing artists above with their vast range of music and styles is just a small snip-it of what all Sonic Bloom has to offer. Discover more HERE and get ready to change your world!

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