[PREVIEW] Pretty Lights: Season 2 Episode 7 @ Red Rocks 2017

There is little doubt as to the creative vision of Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights. The man has been on the forefront of electronic music for years.  Ever since the release of Taking up your Precious Time in 2006, he has pioneered a genuine and unique blend of soul, hip hop, blues, and all elements of electronic music together. He is certainly no stranger to Red Rocks Amphitheater as well, making yearly stops to this wonderful outdoor venue. Electronic Colorado even covered the event last year, which marked the beginning of his latest undertaking: the Episodic Tour.

Pretty Lights – Episode 2 – Red Rocks 2016

Its just another tour the critics might say, but its more than that. Derek is not one to just follow the norm and this tour is no exception. Each stop is carefully selected, and seeks to create a progression as the tour goes on. The fact that he calls it “Season 2” should hint at the progressive nature of this tour; he doesn’t want it to feel like he’s playing just another set. The band is in full force, and each lineup has amazing supporting talent.

Pretty Lights – Episode 2 – Red Rocks 2016

This Saturday at Red Rocks Amphitheater features the unique and enigmatic G Jones who has developed an incredibly signature sound which breaks the boundaries of bass music including some high profile collabs with Bassnectar. Seriously, this guy is legit and a favorite of mine and might be headlining Red Rocks in the future at his current rate. PS: Every set he plays is in black and white, just another signature of his, helps to set the mood and bring out the music.

Manic Focus needs to introduction, having been in the scene for years even put out several tunes on Pretty Lights’ own record label. This master of electro funk and bass music is a legend, his flow is on point and is another personal favorite of him! He will be the perfect compliment to Pretty Lights on Friday night.

Boulder local SoDown is opening Friday night providing a heavy dose of bass for us, and Daily Bread hailing from Atlanta is starting off Saturday night with a smooth electro funk style of his own.


Earlier in the year, Pretty Lights released some live edits of various sings he has been playing out on the tour. They range from soulful jams to powerful and energetic drops. However, just last month a USB drive was released by Derek himself which contained 16 unreleased or rare remix tracks, just in time to start off Season 2 of the episodic tour! Give them a listen below, I’m sure he’ll play a couple of them this weekend.

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