[PREVIEW] Phoenix Lights: Return of the Unknown

In 1997 mysterious lights illuminated the sky above the southwest and Phoenicians have been wondering what they were ever since. On April 7th and 8th catch us at The Park at Wild Horse Pass as we dive deep into a mysterious new venue. Having never been ventured before, there is no telling what alien technology may be found. Don’t forget your spacesuits, telescopes, and orbits, as they will come handy on this galactic adventure.

Prepare yourself for an out of this world experience featuring Boombox Cartel to guide us across a universe of music, journeying deep into outer-bass, through the trance belt, and onto planet dubstep. Bear Grillz, Minnesota, and Beats Antique will be making transmissions into the unknown. And if anything is received back Travis Scott, Martin Garrix, Gucci Mane and Diplo will attempt to interpret the alien signal. Don’t be shy about your space buns ladies and gentlemen, you are going to need them for when Zomboy invades with thrashing bass.

Round up a copilot and some passengers and set your spaceship into orbit towards Phoenix Lights. Be sure to bring enough rocket fuel for the adventure lasting from noon to midnight both days. But don’t leave too early, rumor has it Brownies & Lemonade have a few special guests saved for the after party.

By John Miller and Brandon Lopez