[PREVIEW] LVL Up at Temple – Ryan Collins, Sam F & Kat Nova

New year, new you. Its two weeks into January, and I’ll bet that half of you still nursing a hangover. Some of you may have already broken your new year’s resolution. My new year’s resolution was to dance more, and I know just the spot to do it. Temple has just opened up their second room, LVL, an intimate geometric space surrounded by Funktion-Ones. Now it’s possible to move between the two rooms for the price of one ticket!

Ryan Collins steps into the booth at LVL on Friday night. G-House is his signature sound, a fusion of west coast hip-hop and house music. He is yet another graduate of the renowned Icon Collective in Los Angeles, providing him with the knowledge and resources to bust out and make a name for himself. Snoop Dogg and Warren G took notice and appointed him as A&R of House & EDM at SeriousPimpRecords. Ryan Collins is on a bullet train straight to top. Expect to see this name much more in the future.

Saturday night features Kat Nova on the main floor and Sam F at LVL. Kat Nova is a born musician, graduating from her Russian high school with a performing arts degree in piano and subsequently getting accepted to Julliard, one of the worlds most prestigious conservatories. But wait, there’s more! She also graduated from the DJ Scratch Academy, held residencies in Las Vegas, and toured with Marshmello. Give it up to the ladies like Kat making some serious moves in electronic music.
Upstairs at LVL, Sam F (aka Dr. Woke) will be found teasing the crowd with epic bass drops. Sam F is responsible for the tune behind the viral SNL skit “When Will The Bass Drop”, depicting a parody of EDM club culture. His music embodies a feel-good house sound and has been supported by artists like Adventure Club, Ghastly, Dr. Fresch and many more. His track Limitless came accompanied by a remix EP with new sounds by Goshfather, Eliminate, ASDEK, Kue, and MING. Keep an eye out for Sam F, and as always, stay woke.

Ryan Collins Ticket Link:  http://bit.ly/2CTei1N
Kat Nova & Sam F Ticket Link: http://bit.ly/2mftcVU

Call (303) 309-2144 or [email protected] for bottle service. Temple is a 21+ Nightclub

About Temple Nightclub

Founded in San Francisco, Temple is an opulent nightlife destination with performances from world renown DJs with premiere VIP service. Their second location will open doors in Denver this October. The high-energy compound was conceived on the building blocks of cutting-edge technology integrated with modern design concepts as one component to a bigger picture of the Zen Compound. Temple Nightclub maintains their focus on service, design, and innovation offering their clientele a world-class, elevated experience. Temple is a 21+ Nightclub. Temple is located at 1136 Broadway Street and is open Fridays & Saturdays from 9p.m-2a.m. For more information, call 303.309.2144 or visit www.templedenver.com.

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