[PREVIEW] Get Ready to Flock to Dirtybird Campout

Dirtybird is coming back out to California for the 4th annual west coast campout. On October 5th-7th the techno crew will gather at the Modesto Reservoir Regional Park. We are looking forward to this much-needed retreat away from the hustle of our daily lives and the opportunity to camp with all of our festival family. The best part is that this camping experience is set at a lake, with individual campgrounds.

If you have ever been to a Dirtybird event then you know that the vibes at Dirtybird are all peace, love and cuddle puddles. The campouts are no exception and the camp activities are sure to bring back memories from scouts or summer camp as a wee kid. Remember that time at camp when you smashed at dodgeball? Or when you hit a bullseye three times in a row doing archery? Or how about when you fell on your face during Tug O War? No? Don’t worry, this is your chance to make those memories. And this is your chance to learn the rules of Lap Dance Musical Chairs. Don’t forget to bring back your mom a neat craft from summer camp! She will love the Tie-Dye you specially make her and she is going to see all the love you put into hot gluing together that lil’ dirty bird.

While the ticket sales and the line up don’t come out until July 10th, we are already drooling over how this event offers not one, but two BBQ parties. We highly suggest considering VIB (Very Important Bird) tickets. Very Important Birds will have access to the backstage lounge with private bar and more importantly private bathrooms in addition to a BBQ ticket for either Saturday or Sunday. Don’t have money for a ticket? No worries, become part of the Peacock Program where you can exchange your very special skill for a chance to participate and enter for free. Whether you go to this festival as a very important bird, or with general admission you are sure to remember this as the best camping experience you have ever had.

Written by John Miller and Brandon Lopez

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