[PREVIEW] Get ready to Rezzonate in Phoenix

Photo: Ryan Rietman © Electronic Colorado

Rezz is an artist that we are watching ascend up through the lineup. Over the past several years her unique future industrial sound has hypnotized her large fan following. If her upcoming appearances at Coachella, Electric Forest, Buku, Bassnectar Chicago, Holy Ship, EDC Mexico and Red Rocks are any indication of where she is headed then it won’t be long before she is headlining major festivals. We were absolutely blown away by her performance at Gold Rush and were giddy to hear that she would be returning to Arizona very soon.

Rezz’s newest album Mass Manipulation is a masterpiece with a steady upbeat tempo that fills your entire body with bass from head to toe. Her distinctive elements of electro-industrial, heavy dubstep, trance and future house come together to form a new genre we would best identify as hypno-glitch. Check out the futuristic flares in her latest track “Psycho” where she collaborated with Isqa to take you on a trip back in time to a 1950’s mental health institute. If you can’t wait for her Red Rocks show then relax, all you need to do is make a trip to Phoenix to catch this Space Mama perform alongside Eprom at the Van Buren on February 2nd.

Written By John Miller and Brandon Lopez

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