[Preview] Get Ready for Galactic Adventures at Phoenix Lights

#TheLightsReturn for the fifth annual Phoenix Lights Music Festival at The Park at Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix Arizona on April 5th and 6th. Brace yourself for a lineup that is beaming with talent of all different beats. This festival is dense with headliners including Kaskade, Party Favor, Lane 8, Doctor P, Malaa, and Arty. But that’s just getting started with this galactic lineup.

There will be no shortage of funky vibes at Phoenix Lights with Big Gigantic laying down his saxy beats on Friday. On Saturday brace your souls for new transmissions from GRiZ. With Phoenix lights taking place just days after GRiZ drops his new album “Ride Waves” and we can be pretty certain that Griz will be paddling us into gnarly waves of vibrant, uplifting, melodic bliss.  During GRiZ’s annual Christmas charity event “GRiZMAS” in Detroit we were treated to a couple tracks from the new album. Including when Griz brought up Matisyahu to perform their new collaborative song “A New Day”. This natural blending of reggae and funk amplifies the peaceful uplifting vibes of both genres.

Get ready to headbang to the brutal sound of Excision, known for his relentless bass and soul-piercing sound this is a set you will want to bring sound dampening earplugs to. Trust me, you’ll thank us later when your friends are complaining in the parking lot about the ringing in their ears.

Need something a little more mellow on the ears? Wiggle your way over to the house stage to show support to the Dirtybird founder, Claude Vonstroke. Claude has got you with his psychedelic house music and just plain weird combination of sound that is magically tuned to squeeze as much serotonin out of your brain as possible. You’ll certainly find us boogying down at the birdhouse and we look forward to you flocking over there with us.

Step into your moon boots and get yourself a ticket for this out of this world festival. Check out the Phoenix Lights website for both two day and single day tickets. Or if you are feeling lucky (and charitable) take your shot at winning tickets, lodging, and airfare for two with the opportunity to change out with either Kaskade or Excision backstage.


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