[PREVIEW] Get Ready to Find Euphoria

Are you looking to start the summer off with a roadtrip? We have just the destination. Load up your tents, sleeping bags and festie-besties and head on down to Austin, Texas for Euphoria Music Festival! Looking to settle in early? The campgrounds are open from May 11th thru May 13th, so come a night early and get comfortable. Friday evening you can catch the pre-party before diving into a wicked Saturday lineup. Plus, with a campground kickback running all day Sunday, the party keeps going even after music stops.

Saturday is jam packed with some of the most energetic musicians in the industry. Hippie Sabotage will be in attendance, known for encouraging crowd surfing, mosh pits and wild parties. With well known songs such as “Your Soul”, “Habits”, and “Ridin Solo”, you are sure to be singing along. Gramatik will be touring us down funk town, where he will explore the deep and heavy end of the funk spectrum. We recently caught his set at Phoenix Lights where Gramatik twisted elements of dubstep with his usual funky flare. G Jones will infuse the party with his psychedelic space bass. With tracks such as “Lavender Town” and collaborations with Bassnectar, Minnesota, and EPROM he has earned his respect amongst bassheads.

Come join us as we start or summer with the freshest weirdness Austin has to offer at Carson Creek Ranch. With tickets starting at $49 this festival offers an incredible value.

Buy your tickets at: https://www.euphoriafest.com/

By John Miller and Brandon Lopez

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