[PREVIEW] Flying to the Moon with Rabbit in the Moon!


Rabbit in the Moon – A name that resonates the electronic experience from the 90’s when the rave ‘underground‘ scene began to grow in popularity. Now, they still bring the same energy and the one-of-a-kind experience with them to Denver on Nov. 17th!

Their psychedelic trance, house and breakbeat music with their stunning stage performance and visuals are something you can’t find many other places. By seeing any of their YouTube videos, you would understand how unique, eccentric, and one of a kind each of their shows are.

Bunny and David Christophere have been in the band since the beginning in ’92, while Christophere has taken more of a production role since 2009. He still collaborates and writes music with Bunny to this day. VJ Tek assists with the interactive visuals that correlate with Bunny’s custom LED light suit, which has over 15000 full spectrum lights. It is one of a kind and the world’s first.

Rabbit in the Moon have performed all over the globe, from small venue raves to large festivals such as EDC and Ultra. They are the rare breed of visual, audio and performing artists who have decades of experience under their belts and the knowledge to give one hell of a night.

With the recent birth of Whirling Dervish Productions in Denver it seems the two were meant to have a late night warehouse rave together. Rabbit in the Moon not only produce fast paced, energetic and constant music, but their stage performance by Bunny entrances your mind and absorbs your thoughts and make you forget what time is. They are true pioneers who have paved their way to stardom and a spot in the stars, and this rare opportunity would be well worth the trip to the moon with them.


By Shane Patterson

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