[PREVIEW] Big Wild Opener ‘Phantoms’ Not One to Miss at the Gothic

by E.P Pirt, Jr.

If there was ever a time to get to a show early to catch the opener it will be next Saturday and Sunday at the Gothic Theatre. While the headliner, Big Wild, has surged in popularity over the last year+, and rightfully so, there will be serious potential for some theft next weekend. And by theft I mean stealing of the show of course. Live electronic duo Phantoms, comprised of Los Angeles natives Vinnie Pergola and Kyle Kaplan, got out of the acting rat race and joined the EDM scene back in 2010 and have been charging forward ever since.

Back then they started off in the DJ booth, but their sound and their sets have evolved since. Once they started producing they began incorporating live instruments into not only the studio, but into their live sets as well. Now complete with synths, drum pads, and a laptop, they are a full-on live electronic act. In a fashion similar to names like Rüfüs Du Sol and Disclosure, they’ve taken on the daunting yet supremely rewarding ambition of playing a dance set on live instruments. When done correctly, there is no live show like it.

On the surface, the similarities to Big Wild are obvious. Both are talented musicians playing electronic music on live instruments. Coincidentally, both also played the most recent Decadence festival here in Denver. But as soon as the notes start hitting your eardrums the differences in sound are very noticeable. Big Wild’s sound, and undoubtedly the reason he is so popular here in Colorado, is influenced by a lot of hip hop and bass music. Phantoms’ sound on the other hand is rooted in deep house, with catchy vocals that can sometimes give it a little bit of a pop sound.

It’s that high-energy vibe of a house set coupled with the live instruments that are sure to make Phantoms a well-suited opener for Big Wild. The contrasts in sound should also lead to a very well-rounded electronic show overall. While the first night is sold out, tickets to Sunday night are still available here. If you’re determined to go on Saturday, you may be able to find some reasonably priced resale tickets here. Whichever night you go, neither one will be the show to be late to! Also remember that shows at the Gothic start and end earlier than most.

Check out Phantoms’ new release, ‘Been Here Before’ below:


Check out a live clip of Phantoms below:


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