[PREVIEW] Align Your Chakras with Gem and Jam

Looking for festival vibes in the middle of the winter? Need to align your chakras and embrace your inner rockhound? Have to break outside and set up camp? Look no further! Gem and Jam Festival in Tucson Arizona is calling your name! Gem and Jam occurs in Tucson during the largest, oldest and most prestigious gem and mineral show in the world.” The festival grounds will have several gem and mineral vendors, however, I implore you to travel early and stay late to check out the gem show held all around the city of Tucson.

This festival has a small town community vibe to it and will serenade its way into your heart as a festival that you must attend year after year. The people, extensive art exhibits, and powerful crystal energies are seductive, dazzling, and empowering. This is a transformative festival that mirrors Sonic Bloom in many ways, where Sonic Bloom is a celebration of Flowers this is the equivalent celebration of gems and minerals.

Join us this January as an extensive lineup of jam bands and EDM rain down on the Pima County Fairgrounds. Thriftworks and The Russ Liquid Test will return again this year and are both known for their experimental production that pushes the limits of creativity.  [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits will balance the calculated, scientific side of Break Science with the freeform space-funk of the Disco Biscuits. What you get is something in the middle, both freeform but structured, uniquely improvised to fit the audience’s energy. This year the lovers of jam are in for a special treat of two nights of STS9.

With one day tickets, you can come for a day or stay the whole time. While you could stay at a hotel I suggest you look into either the walk-in, car or RV camping to enhance the experience, enjoy the outdoors and not have to worry about how to get “home” safe. The Pima County Fairgrounds, in Tucson Arizona offers more than enough room for tent and RV camping. This year they are even offering grass to those that choose to tent camping, score! Feeling a little short on cash?  Then become an ambassador and bring your friends along, for each friend who buys a ticket through you, you will save 15% on your ticket. Remember to grab your tickets early before they go up in price as the festival draws near and prepare yourself to sit back and chill out.

Written By John Miller and Brandon Lopez

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