Pretty Lights Takes Home Four Awards, Sub.mission & Cervantes Each Take Two in the ELCO Best of 2015 Awards

Colorado fans turned out even stronger than last year to vote in our 2015 awards. Pretty Lights reigned king again, taking home awards for “Best Show Not at Red Rocks”, “Best Live/Instrumental Act”, “Best Colorado Artist”, and “Best Local Record Label/Artist Collective”. He didn’t, however, win “Best Red Rocks Show”, as he did last year. This year that one went to Tipper. The Night Supply record label gave Pretty Lights Music a great run for it’s money for the second year in a row, but in the end PL’s huge Colorado fanbase won out. Cervantes once again won the award for “Best Indoor Venue”, and is home to the winner of “Best Weekly Night”, which went to Sub.mission’s “Electronic Tuesdays” for the second year in a row. Additionally Sub.mission won “Best Promoter/Presenter”, also for the second year in a row. Yes, it appears Colorado’s obsession with bass music is still alive and well.

Other notable winners were GRiZ, who beat out ODESZA for “Best Artist” in a vote that was so close initially that it had to go to a run off. That was a first, as was the award itself. Mishawaka Amphitheatre won “Best Venue Not In Denver”, another new poll this year, in a landslide vote. Once again there was no competition for Red Rocks in the “Best Outdoor Venue” and “Best Pre Game Spot” categories, but it should be interesting to see if the same remains true next year with the new sound ordinance in place.

Rather sentimentally, Krooked Drivers won “Best Local DJ/Producer”, another new award, shortly before Maddy O’Neal announced she was leaving the duo. Another duo, Bass Physics, beat out the ever-popular Sunsquabi by literally one vote for “Best Local Live/Instrumental Act”. And speaking of duos, ODESZA took home the award for “Best Duo”, another new poll for 2015. You can view the results of all 24 polls below.

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