[Press Room] Top Picks From Each Stage at Shambhala


Medasin (Saturday 7:00 PM)

This young producer is one you will want to remember. His beats are versatile, both superemely chill and danceable. At the top of many of my playlists sits his new remix of Feel It Still by Portugal the Man. For something a bit heavier check out his track Territory. I look forward to hearing the styles he will play at the Pagoda.

Rezz (Sunday 2:30 AM)
The alien queen has been making waves with her unique fusion of heavy hitting techno and bass music. Working closely with Deadmu5’s Mau5trap label, Rezz’s debut album Mass Manipulation is set to drop August 4th, just before we all gather in Salmo. Judging by the tunes she has already released, expect a wild set full of spacey synths and heavy basslines.

Mad Zach (Saturday 4:00 AM)
I first came across Mad Zach not because of the songs he has released but because of the many tutorials he produces on many aspects of electronic music production. His style is unique and heavily driven around a creative live performance triggering and modulating samples. I am excited to see what the madman will come up with next month.

Destructo (Friday 4:00 AM)
Gary Richards is a man of many talents and vast experience in the music world. At the helm of festivals like Hard Summer and Holy Ship, Gary is an innovator and force in house music that is not to be reckoned with. Each year on Holy Ship he plays a sunrise sermon, and soon we will be treated with our own 4 hour sunrise sermon from 4:00 am to 8:00 am. So for all you dancers eager for the sun to come up, this is the set for you

The Village

Excision (Friday 12:00 AM)
Excision is one of the most recognized names in all of dance music, particularly dubstep. Touring the world with his insane production and signature musical style, his fan base is die hard and never fails to draw a crowd. Each year at Shambhala his performance is something special. His soundcloud mixes have gathered millions of plays, and 2017 is his 10th year performing at the Canadian festival. For his 10 year anniversary, the Canadian DJ is sure to put down a set that you will not want to miss.

Ganja White Night (Friday 2:00 AM)

This Belgian duo have been reinventing the live performance of dubstep. Seamlessly weaving between tracks, playing synth leads on keyboards and modulating parameters on the spot, their wobbles attract the wooks like none other. If you haven’t had the chance to catch them live yet, this one is a must see.

Ill.gates (Sunday 8:00 PM)

Ill.Gates is another producer determined to bring live performance and creativity to the forefront of the genre. He has established a global fan base and collaborated with artists like Bassnectar and Datsik. His knowledge of ableton and online tutorials have blazed the way for countless producers to get their foot in the door. If you want to get weird on the dance floor, an Ill.Gates set is the place to be

Haywyre (Sunday 9:00 PM)

Martin Vogt aka Haywyre is yet another producer on the lineup with one of the most unique live performances around. His feel good tunes are composed on the spot with a unique flare as Martins fingers fly up and down the keyboard. His YouTube videos give you a feel for the complexity of his work and musicianship. So stick around from Ill.gates to Haywyre for two very unique live performances.

Fractal Forest

DJ Jazzy Jeff (Saturday 10:00 PM)

This legendary DJ goes all the way back to the roots of hip-hop with his good friend and collaborator Will Smith. Although the two no longer play together, Jeff certainly knows his way around the turntable after countless years of experience. For a sneak peak into his style, check out his recent set for Boiler Room.

A-Trak (Saturday 1:30 AM)

A-Trak is one of the most respected and versatile DJs in the game. He won the DMC world championships at the ripe age of 15 and has toured with acts from Kanye West to Danny Brown. His turntablism skills were passed down directly from the scratch gods and his live shows are unpredictable, coupled with pristine song selection and masterful mixing skills. The Fools Gold label head will set the Fractal Forest ablaze.

Opiuo (Friday 11:00 PM)

Facebook lists his genre as Broken-frog-stomping-funkadelic-hippo-hop-monkey-crunk-chunky-bouncy-stomach-morphing-bassdolloping-scrumptious-bowl-of-glitchy-bass-love. If that isn’t enough of a description to make you want to check out his music, give his tape Meraki a listen.

The Funk Hunters (Friday 2:00 AM)

This Canadian duo is not far from home and will be bringing all the soul they can. Their music draws on influences from hip-hop to funk and really whips the crowd up into a funk driven frenzy. If you like to groove, than boogie your way on over to the Fractal Forest on Friday night.

Living Room

Random Rab (Saturday 3:00 AM)

If you are looking for some amorphous ambient electronic music, take a peek at Random Rab on Saturday. His most recent project, Formless Edge, takes the listener on a journey through time and space. Close your eyes and get lost in the downtempo glory that is Random Rab.

Pedestrian (Saturday 12:00 AM)

A notorious sound wanderer, sonic sculptor and dance floor master, Pedestrian’s intricate, crystallized production and an instinct for DJ sets can captivate any club. Pedestrian DJ sets are instinctively, expertly tailored to the dance floor below, thriving on any opportunity to play 90 minute or 2 hour sets that wander from luxurious, melodic beats right through to the nastiest basslines that hip hop, house, garage and everything in between have to offer.

Dub Conscious (Thursday 12:00 AM)

“We have grown and we have been on the leading edge of solution-based philosophy, social and environmental awareness, and the evolution of today’s music and culture like never before. We are dedicated to spreading the word on sustainability, unity, and a greater understanding of the human experience.” The dub and reggae group is drawn to bringing a positive influence into the world through their music.

Nicola Cruz (Sunday 9:30 PM)

Born in France to proud South American descent, he currently lives and works in Quito, Ecuador, in the heart of the Andes mountains. His music is deeply rhythmic without losing the melody, and even though it is formed in collaboration with artists from different times and spaces, it remains personal and intimate.

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The Amphiteatre

Billy Kenny (Saturday 11:30 PM)

House music all night long. Billy Kenny serves it up just as I like it, filled with with your standard four on the floor beat pattern and bass lines to make your lip snarl. His label This Ain’t Bristol is filled with frequent collaborators and friends, which you should definitely give a peek. If house music is your style, this is the set of the weekend.

DJ Craze (Friday 2:30 AM)

The skills of DJ Craze need no introduction. His routines are some of the most popular on the interwebs, putting your average DJs to shame. Time after time he comes up with new and creative ways to string songs together, deconstruct them or make them entirely recognizable. I have missed all my opportunities to witness Craze live, so this one is at the top of my list for the entire weekend.

Liquid Stranger B2B Space Jesus (Sunday 3:00 AM)

Just two friends goofing around and playing some experimental bass music to make your brain melt. Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus both have such distinct styles, and given the opportunity to feed off each other often bring out the best in each. I witnessed their set in Vegas as well as at electric forest, and it has only made me hungrier for round 3. No better way to close out the Amphitheater for the weekend.

Um.. (Thursday 10:30 PM)

Ben and Dylan are two kids doing some real unique shit. Their music tends to lack all of the traditional elements so many producers latch onto, developing one of the most unique styles I have heard in years. They kicked off the Shambhala mix series with a bang and will do the same thing welcoming in the crowd during one of the prime spots on Thursday evening. If you’ll be on the grounds Thursday, I highly recommend checking this one out.

The Grove

Ivy Lab (Friday 1:30 AM)

Sabre, Stray and Halogenix make up this trio creating their own variation on bass music. Part of the 20/20 London collective, they have forged their own path and will continue to build upon it. After seeing them smash the house opening up for Shades (EPROM & Alix Perez), it will be hard for me to miss this set.

Clozee (Saturday 1:00 AM)

Clozee is one badass chick coming out of the south of France. Under the broad structure of electronic and bass music, and informed by sound the world over, Clozee finds her best fit in World Bass’ corner. She just left Colorado after an incredible 4 night run, including one show at Bassnectar’s freestyle sessions. Support women in electronic music and come check out Clozee!

Charlesthefirst (Saturday 9:00 PM)

Fusing his hip hop roots with lush and experimental electronic composition, he has developed a danceable style steeped in dreaminess and psychedelia. With his originality of musical interpretation, he’s able to take the listener on their own personal journey, right alongside him…nothing but smiles, good vibes and excitement.

Goopsteppa (Friday 5:45 AM)

Fresh off of an opening set for Bassnectar at the Freestyle Sessions, Goopsteppa is surely on the come up. This BC native has his own brand of ethereal bass music, lulling you into a trance yet activating your inner energy. If you have the chance, he will also be heading straight to Oregon Eclipse and Burning Man, so make sure to catch at least one of his sets

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Written by Hunter Saillen