[PRESS ROOM] Oregon Eclipse: Gather Together At The Wellness Oasis!

Oregon Eclipse press release:

As we set foot onto Big Summit Prairie, we accept an invitation to explore ourselves, unabridged and unplugged. To set aside our daily routines and pressures, silence the barrage of technology and arrive fully to ourselves and our community.

The Wellness Oasis is your space to receive, learn and uncover. Carefully curated with practitioners and instructors ready to help us rejuvenate and care for our bodies, minds and spirits, the Oasis is at your service all week long.

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Delight in a sampling of healing modalities. From subtle therapies to acupuncture and chiropractics, catalyzing your wellness at Oregon Eclipse is just one decision away.
Unwind with daily sound healing at10am, and guided meditations at 4pm.


Amongst a sea of art, music and excitement, seize the opportunity to quiet your mind and nourish the soul.














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