The Parov Stelar Band: Jazz Meets Electro (Show Review)

  Parov Stelar        Last Monday, the famed Parov Stelar Band travelled 5,369 miles from their home country of Austria to play their first ever show in Denver. Famous for hits such as Booty Swing, which reached the top chart for electronic music in iTunes, and Catgroove, and is considered one of the pioneering electro swing tunes, Parov Stelar is a revolutionary artist that is leading the electro swing movement. He tours with The Parov Stelar Band, a 7 person troupe containing Parov Stelar himself, Cleo Panther (vocals), Marc Osterer (Trumpet), Michael Wittner (Bass), Willie Larson Jr. (Drums), Jakob Mayr (Trombone), and Max the Sax (Saxophone). They are world renowned for their amazing, unique show.

          Denver’s favorite resident DJ, Mikey Thunder, opened for Parov at around 8:00, starting it off slow and old-timey. Progressing his set using tracks with increasing energy, people began going wild and shuffling around the venue. He set up a perfect environment for Parov Stelar.

IMG_20160411_190832          Just as the crowd was starting to become anxious waiting for the band to come on stage, the lights turned off, signaling the beginning of one of the most unique shows Denver has ever seen. A video appeared on the screen above us, showcasing Parov’s new album “ The Demon Diaries”. One by one, each band member appeared on stage as the mysterious vintage video played in the background, each one adding more and more to the massive buildup. As soon as Cleo Panther came on stage, the act culminated in a funky drop that got the whole audience jumping and shuffling. As the video came to an end, we knew we were in for a treat. Cleo welcomed us and hyped us up for a fun filled night, then kicked it off with the classic, Booty Swing.


          The show was unbelievable. The band seemed truly happy to be their and they put their hearts into their music. The members of brass section were some of the most cheerful and lively musicians I had ever witnessed. The sexy Cleo Panther kept us interested and singing along to the tracks all night. Willie Larson, the drummer, kept the beat going throughout, creating amazing patterns to dance to. Michael Wittner, the guitarist, switched guitars throughout the night to showcase his talent and create funky rhythms. Throughout the night, band members stepped up to the plate, unleashing groovy solos on us. The audience was like no other as well. Since it was Parov’s first time in Denver, diehard fans arrived to get their groove on. People were shuffling, wearing suits and fancy clothing, and just having a great time.

          After a couple of songs, the band paused, informing us they would be playing a couple of new tracks that night. The whole crowd cheered in unison as they ushered in a new, funky beat. Later, just as the band finished a song, Cleo Panther hushed the crowd to announce that it was Jakob Mayr’s – the trumpet player’s – birthday. She led the crowd in singing happy birthday to him and congratulated him with a kiss on the cheek. At one moment, Marc Osterer, the trumpet player, took the mic and tried to quiet the crowd. It seemed like the audience would not calm down and applauded the band for what seemed like forever. After several attempts, he finally got to say what he was thinking. He announced that the band was from Austria and they do not come to the U.S. that often, but would like to change that. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they return to Denver again soon!

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