One Week Later, Red Rocks Fans Finally Dry Out


by E.P Pirt, Jr.

Last weekend was a memorable one for Red Rocks-goers. From the torrential downpour at Adventure Club on Friday night to the blizzard for Gramatik the following day, if one word could be used to describe the weekend it would be ‘wet’. But that didn’t stop the most faithful, die-hard Colorado fans of the scene from enjoying themselves. It was Adventure Club’s first headlining Red Rocks set, and although the stands were undoubtedly less-full due to the weather than they would have been, the stacked lineup showed no signs of holding back. ETC! ETC!, Dallas K, and Vinnie did a splendid job of getting the crowd warmed up, figuratively and literally, and Minnesota’s smooth, melodic, yet undoubtedly heavy style segued perfectly into a much anticipated set from one of Colorado’s favorite touring acts, Keys N Krates. Also from Canada, KnK were on point. The unique live bass music trio were on point, with all the hyphyness and energy of a dj, but in the form of live instrumentation. The group have certainly pegged down their own sound, and it was no secret why they are no secret. Jr. Flo was perhaps the most entertaining, with his live scratching and old school turntablism wowing the crowd with “solo” after solo.

And then came the rain. Just in time for Adventure Club. It had been raining sporadically up until AC, but with the headliner came a non-stop downpour. While there was almost a nightclub environment taking place inside, at the visitor’s center, complete with a big screen showing of AC’s set and some low-volume speakers, there were still a lot of die-hard fans not only watching the show in the cold rain, but embracing it. AC pumped out banger after banger, with many new tracks, as well as classics. The rain glistened in the lasers and lights, and accompanied with AC’s reverberating, catch basslines, it was quite the spectacle. Red Rocks shows are obviously fantastic on warm, clear, summer night’s but seeing an electronic show in the rain is something that every fan should witness at least once.

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