[REVIEW] Mile High Sound Movement Continues Pushing Colorado EDM with Latest Compilation

by Sarah Sumler

Mile High Meltdown Compilation Vol. 4, the latest in the Mile High Sound Movement series, was released last month and with nineteen tracks there is a lot of opportunity for variety. This mix really succeeds at being a creative smorgasbord while keeping a consistent sound.  One thing I really like about this compilation is that it’s the type of music you press play on and don’t have to worry about again. It reminds me of how plants thrive in good substrate, and MHMC 4 is well-rooted in this regard. The entire collection has a lush, full-bodied sound featuring endless beats interspersed with atmospheric melodies and creative twists popping up throughout.

 It’s a musical buffet of chill bass tracks peppered with various EDM influences:  funky deep house and techno vibes from Dynohunter, liquid downtempo from FunkStatik, a light, airy, summer jam from Homemade Spaceship. Other standouts include the KLL SMTH & The Digital Connections “Gristle Queen,”  featuring old-skool scratching and spacey rubber band  harmonies over a stumbling beat as well as Kruza Kid and DMVU’s soulful stomper “Nights Like This” . The only weak point is that some tracks are a little too stripped down and get lost among more creative entries, but overall MHMC 4 has a mellow, clean, laid-back vibe that really captures the chill spirit and creativity coming out of Colorado EDM at the moment.

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