[EXCLUSIVE PREMIER + INTERVIEW] LYFTD is Ready to Take Colorado By Storm

ELCO staff writer Eloise Ryser recently sat down with local live duo LYFTD. Check out what this up-and-coming act had to say about inspirations, the Colorado crowd, and what it means to be LYFTD. Then listen to their brand new track, “Hit The Gas” at the bottom.

ELCO: How did LYFTD start? What got you both into electronic music to begin with, and how did you decide to form a band together?

LYFTD: LYFTD started a few years ago when we began noticing trends of live music paired alongside the electronic mixes. I [Andrew] initially began producing hip-hop beats along with playing electric guitar, so experimenting with production in a futuristic funk sound came easily, and seeing the potential within the scene sparked new motivation. Cody was introduced to the electronic scene and shows before me, and has been mixing and producing for several years. After we produced a few tracks together we decided to showcase some of them live and loved the response. There’s been no turning back from there.

ELCO: What inspired you to choose the name LYFTD?

LYFTD: LYFTD relates to the lifted state of mind and lifestyle. We wanted a name that could relate to our mile high city, but we also wanted the name to represent our uplifting and soulful music that inspires everyone to take advantage of the now and live life to the fullest! So as always, STAY LYFTD!

ELCO: Your SoundCloud page mentions a few of your major influences; The Floozies, GRiZ, Pretty Lights and more, however your music still manages to differentiate itself from these well-known artists. How have you been able to create such a unique sound within the genre?

LYFTD: We strive to take people on a rollercoaster of a ride when they come to our shows. Hitting all those feels. You can expect anything from upbeat funk, heavy bass, and electro jam band rock at our shows. That’s a big part of what we think makes us unique within the scene, and we just want to create music that keeps that people moving and wanting more.

ELCO: If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be, and for what reason?

LYFTD: Sunsquabi is definitely at the top of our list! Those guys are killing it and have been a huge inspiration the past few years. Not only with their one of a kind sound, but with their growth as a group. The Denver scene is all love so we hope to collab with some of our favorite artists as we progress.

ELCO: After winning The Untz Challenge earlier this year, you have had the opportunity to play at some really awesome festivals across the US. How do you think that this opportunity has benefited the band, and what challenges have you faced along the journey?

LYFTD: The Untz Challenge VIII has been such an incredible experience so far, and it has given us the opportunity to showcase what LYFTD is all about in front of the biggest crowds we have played in front of yet. We have met some amazing people along the way and plan on keeping the momentum that this challenge has given us. It’s been so inspirational for us as a group to see the potential that exists, and we feel honored to be a part of these lineups this summer.

ELCO: What do you like about playing at festivals as opposed to shows?

LYFTD: You see some crazy stuff at festivals that you just wouldn’t see otherwise. All the festivals we have played thus far have had incredible sound systems as well so it’s always fun to hear your tracks on a serious set up.

ELCO: As a Denver based band, what do you think differentiates the Colorado electronic scene from other areas around the country? Are Colorado crowds any different, or are most of the shows that you play similar in terms of the audience?

LYFTD: Right now the Denver electronic scene is blowing up and there is a crazy amount of talent in our state in regards to the electro funk genre. It’s been great seeing how supportive and connected everyone in the local scene is, and we can’t wait to expand our show dates within the home turf. It always feels like family when we are playing in CO, and the crowds always know how to turn up. Our next in state show will be Sonic Blossom at Cervantes on November 4th. Make sure to come check us out.

ELCO: With all of the momentum that you have gained this summer, what can we expect within the next year in terms of new projects and shows in the Denver area?

LYFTD: You can expect us to release A LOT of new music that we have been playing throughout the festivals this summer and continuing to expand our show dates! We are more ready than ever to dive into the Denver scene and make a name for ourselves so keep an eye out for us.

Listen to LYFTD’s brand new track, “Hit The Gas”:

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