List’n Up: Three Things to Look Forward to at ARISE Music Festival

Featured artist: Android Jones

As we inch ever closer to ARISE Music Festival this August 4th through the 6th, the excitement is building exponentially. Here are three of the many things that we’re getting stoked about…

by Eloise Ryser

3. The Art Installations and Workshops

Featured artist: Android Jones

Besides music, Arise has a pretty impressive lineup of visual artists, workshops, and activities. Android Jones will be doing live visuals for Tipper’s set and there will be aerial and fire dancers, art installations and even a hemp industry showcase! Out of all of the great learning opportunities at ARISE this year, I am most looking forward to the Hakuna Matata Slackline Park, because they have instructors there to help people like me not sprain their ankles and they will teach you how to do slackline yoga.

2. New Artists

ARISE has an excellent music lineup, which keeps improving year after year. This year there will be a balanced mix of folk, hiphop, electronic, and everything in between. It is obvious that the festival coordinators kept Colorado’s diverse taste in mind when organizing this event and I think that more than any festival in the area, Arise is the one that offers the most in terms of variety. At the end of the day, this means that there is something for everyone at ARISE, whether it be music, art, or learning a new skill, don’t let this fantastic opportunity to party in a field pass you by without a second thought. And if nothing else, do it for Tipper.

1. Tipper!!

Speaking of! Known for his distinctive beats, to me, Tipper’s music sounds like ants crawling on a log. What better reason to go to his show? After two amazing sets at Sonic Bloom 2016, Tipper is switching venues and playing at ARISE this year, which may very well mean that it could be the event of the summer. Tipper has some of the most dedicated fans I have ever seen, which means that a large helping of those people will be driving halfway across the country to come see his set. Whether or not you are one of them, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be thoroughly satisfied with the result.



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