[List’n Up] 8 Things we learned from Bassnectar’s Reddit AMA

No automatic alt text available.Its safe to say that Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar loves Colorado! In the aftermath of the mind blowing Freestyle Sessions at 1st Bank Center,  let us take a moment to reflect. In this week’s List’n Up, I go over the top answers and many other hidden gems including big plans for Colorado in the future, as if we weren’t spoiled enough with a massive Bass Center 2016 and the recent Freestyle Sessions.


8.  The music never stops

Even after a string of singles and the Reflective EP, Bassnectar has plenty of new music on the horizon! His collab with G Jones on the EP is not the last; the two have their own album coming. He also happens to be good friends with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. Tom hit him up to get help with an album, and the two of them made a song together. After some searching, they enlisted vocals from Killer Mike of Run the Jewels and Big Boi of Outcast, so lord knows what to expect. He also has a new downtempo side-project with a friend called NAUX FAUX, and is constantly working with Dorfex Bos on new things.

7. Future tours

The big question on many people’s mind is: will Bassnectar go on tour again? The best way to get a feeling of what he is all about, the true Bassnectar experience, is by going to events curated by him and his team, so naturally we all want him to tour. However, that seems like a distant possibility. Touring is a very time and money consuming process, and its unlikely he will have enough of either to put on a tour of the magnitude he would want. I think he wants to just stick to more sporadic, but higher caliber events. Also, he’s a busy man! After so many years of wearing the “Bassnectar suit” he has decided to make time for his own life.


6. Life outside of Bassnectar

Poor Lorin has been “in a coma” for 20 years, wearing the Bassnectar superman suit 98% of the time leaving a meager 2% for himself. Lately he has decided to make it 50/50 without diminishing the energy and life force of Bassnectar. So what does he like to do? Well as a very outgoing person he participates in the community, self educates, debates, explores nature and life. A fan of documentaries, he always recommends people watch Zeitgeist. He also loves Skyrim and Minecraft! But basically he enjoys just being with people and hanging out, not always making music or for any other purpose other than just being there.


5.  His alternate career 

When asked about what he might have done in an alternate universe where Bassnectar never came to be, he would have been a high school history teacher, a guidance counselor, or  preschool or kindergarten. He has a Teachers Degree along with numerous other unfinished pathways from college, but just wants to spread social awareness. Or he might like to write a novel. I think I speak for the bass head community on this, but if Lorin put out a novel we would devour it!

4.  Future show plans

When asked about what he wants to do in the future, he replied saying that he wants to take it back to the good’ol days. A dark room, no lights, just crazy music. Perhaps even just CDJs or a return to vinyl and turntables. Its safe to say that he is feeling nostalgia for the early days of underground warehouse raves and DJing, which we are totally fine with! If it is anything like Freestyle Sessions, then bring it on!

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Freestyle Sessions: Bassnectar’s sanctuary


3. Designing a set is an intense process

One of the most unique aspects of a Bassnectar show is the wide variety of music he works in. However, the process of designing a set list sounds exhausting! He apparently keeps a log of every single set, and makes a spreadsheet of songs so that he can look back in history to see what he’s played recently, last month, last year. He then crafts the set list based on whether or not he played a song recently, or what the feeling was last time around, or anything like that. Then he spends hours getting samples together, organizing everything in Ableton or whatever else he uses, and remixing things to create a genuinely one of a kind set.


2. Bass Center X is going to be awesome

No automatic alt text available.One thing is for certain, Bassnectar is bringing the heat for Bass Center X calling it the “creative pinnacle” of the year for the team. He always says how much he loves the Hampton Coliseum, and it sounds like they are pulling out all of the stops. He has been “terrorizing his team” with details and creativity, agonizing over every single detail from the door greeters all the way to how the lighting and sound will fill the space. There’s even going to be stuff going on outside of the venue, sort of like “a Grateful Dead lot of the 1990’s meets an ICP show, meets a free outdoor day party in Golden Gate Park.” Each night will also have a distinctly different set list and feeling. Needless to say, it sure sounds amazing.


1.  Possible 2018 Camping festival in Colorado

Saved the best for last! Get excited, because him and the team have found a “AMAZING” location here in Colorado. It seems he was planning on it being this year but decided to hold off, nail down the location, and devote more time to it. “Bigger is not always better” as he says, regarding the massive Bass Center 9 in 2016 at DSPG compared to the Hampton Coliseum. So the big question now is, where is it going to be? Guesses are all over the map; the Sonic Bloom Festival location, Telluride, or somewhere no one has been to before? Either way, we’re excited. As if Colorado wasn’t spoiled enough already!


Check out for yourself – Full AMA

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