[LIST’N UP] Colorado’s Best Music Photographers

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Music photography is no easy job. Photographers need to run around the venue, maneuver through dense crowds full of spilled beer, battle the constantly changing lighting conditions and wait for the perfect shot, all while keeping track thousands of dollars worth of gear. The challenge is exhilarating, and there are few greater feelings than seeing the money shot on your memory card. All of the following photographers have consistently captured amazing images and proven themselves among the elite of Colorado photographers. Check out their work, follow their social media, and if you’re feeling generous, buy some prints.

APIS Photography

© APIS Photography

Bad Astronaut Photography

© Bad Astronaut Photography

Eyediola Photography

© Eyediola Photography

Jason Siegel Photography

© JasonSiegel

Jordan Lloyd Photography

© Jordan Loyd

JV Photography

© JV Photog

Mike Kvakay

© Mike Kvackay


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© Seth Watrous

Silky Shots

© Silky Shots

Honorable Mention to our own ELCO Photographers:

Steve Stoytchev

© Steve Stoytchev

MacEachern Photography

© MacEachern Photography

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