[INTERVIEW & PREVIEW] Deadcrow Flies Into The Black Box

Coming in hot to The Black Box for this week’s Ignition Thursdays is Deadcrow. All the way from The Hauge, Netherlands, Felix Ruocco has risen as one of the top producers in wave music to come out of the Netherlands. His unique production style has landed him a spot on Terrorhythm Recordings as well as mixes on Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1. We’ve been listening to his records on repeat and really can’t wait to hear what kind of set he will lay down for us this weekend. We caught up with him the other day to ask all kinds of random questions about hot tubs, conspiracies, and music of course. Enter to win a pair of tickets here!

ELCO: I had one question already from the Facebook event so we’ll start with that. Why isn’t wave music more popular in the US?
Deadcrow: I think the sound has been popular for a really long time, referring to guys like Clams Casino and Yung Gud. But wave as a genre is relatively new so it just takes time to pop off. I try to bridge wave and bass music in general in my sets to introduce it to the audience.
ELCO: Nice. So are you saying the elements and sounds have always been there, but it’s only recently been coming together as a genre?
Deadcrow: Yeah kinda. I guess it is what came forward from chillwave and cloudrap and stuff.
ELCO: Gotcha. Trying to remember where I heard of cloudrap recently…So did wave music start in Europe?
Deadcrow: Probably Lil B haha. It kinda was coined by the guys in the UK, the term ‘wave’, from what I know.
ELCO: Yea seems like that’s where most of the heavy hitters are.
Deadcrow: Yeah the UK and Poland are sick with it, but there are tons of producers everywhere though. I mean a lot of Americans did it before it was called wave. I don’t think there is really one country or continent where it started. Also because it kinda just started on the internet.
ELCO: Seems like every “wave” producer that I like is in Europe though. Maybe you can give me some good American names 😉
Deadcrow: Well you already know Brothel! And then there’s Titan Squad, but they lean a bit more towards witch house. And ofcourse Kavern and Harukasuka.
ELCO: How’s the tour going? What has been the highlight or highlights?
Deadcrow: The tour is going great! The first show at Low End Theory in LA was sick. The New Parish in Oakland was also really cool, but every show is a highlight to me cause they are all different and I appreciate them all.
ELCO: What have you thought of the crowds? Being that this is your first US tour.
Deadcrow: Awesome! Really appreciative of the music, and I really like how they enjoy dancing to the music
ELCO: Do fans back home not dance?
Deadcrow: Well I think it might be harder to get a Dutch crowd going. Once you get them going, they go crazy, but its definitely different. I think the American crowds are a bit more expressive
ELCO: Haha nice. Why do you think that is?
Deadcrow: I think there is a lot of electronic music that originated in Holland, so we’re used to a lot of things. A bit spoiled so to say
ELCO: That makes sense. It’s been around here for a while too though so I bet there’s something else to it.
Deadcrow: Yeah its crazy how bass music is so well known here. But like in Holland EDM has been dead for a pretty long time, while a lot of it is actually Dutch. I guess that might explain it
ELCO: So the bubble has burst and it takes a lot to get people excited now
Deadcrow: In that genre it does, but house and techno are really popping though.
ELCO: Nice. Yea I’d say those are both experiencing a big revival right now. It all comes back around. So @Fyoomz from Twitter wants to know why you killed all the crows?
Deadcrow: I feed on their souls to make dank tunes
ELCO: Bam. love it.
Deadcrow: Hahaha
ELCO: So what about the US, whether it’s music and touring or something completely unrelated has surprised you? And what has been the same as you expected?
Deadcrow: Well I’ve been to the US a lot cause my dad is American, only the East Coast though. I kinda knew how it was, but i was amazed by the weather when I landed. I didn’t know it was actually warm in January in LA
ELCO: I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be like here when you’re here but the last few days have been really cold.
Deadcrow: Yeah I’m not that surprised seeing where Denver is, but I got my jacket and its cold in Holland always.
ELCO: Do you have any plans while you’re here or anything you really want to do?
Deadcrow: I definitely enjoy being shown around a new city. I don’t really know Denver. I only know the airport has tons of conspiracies surrounding it
ELCO: Haha that’s true. And a crazy blue demon horse.
Deadcrow: Yeah, that’s wild
ELCO: You heard it killed its maker right?
Deadcrow: For real? Lmao
ELCO: Yea it fell on top of him and crushed him. Crazy.
Deadcrow: Hahaha wowww. Has to be cursed
ELCO: They call it “Bluecifer”.
Deadcrow: Good one. I need to get a picture with it. Deadcrow ft Bluecifer
ELCO: Good idea! Haha collaborate. Never thought of that. It’s in the middle of the highway
Deadcrow: Oh so its probably hard to get to
ELCO: I mean I suppose you could pull off and run and get one. I doubt the police would like that if they saw it though.
Deadcrow: Hahaha yeah maybe it’s not worth the risk
ELCO: Then again isn’t that what touring is all about?
Deadcrow: Very true. The whole thing is an adventure
ELCO: Anyways, there’s lots of stuff Denver has to offer. But as an artist, I’d definitely recommend checking out Red Rocks.
Deadcrow: Alright sick. I’m gonna try that
ELCO: Just seeing it in person even when it’s empty is special. You can usually get on the stage too
Deadcrow: Haha huge. Definitely need to do that
ELCO: So let’s get to your music. At what point did you decide you wanted to take this thing from a hobby and try to make a career out of it? Or was that the plan all along?
Deadcrow: Well music has always been more of a passion than a hobby. I started playing drums when I was 3 and started producing when I was 12ish. It was always something serious. For a lot of people, it starts out as a hobby. To me, it was always something more than just fun, but I didn’t start pushing until 5 years ago.

ELCO: Was that when you realized that you might have a chance at making it with music?
Deadcrow: I didn’t know if I had a chance. It was just what I wanted to do. So I also went to a music school for 3 years and graduated there. This is like a year and a half ago. And then after that, I went 100%
ELCO: So you’ve definitely put in the time.
Deadcrow: Yeah for sure
ELCO: How much did the music school help? I’ve always wondered how much of an impact it has on electronic music production.
Deadcrow: My first year I learned mixdowns and stuff. That was huge. That really changed it all. But they also teach like business things and self-promotion and stuff. Like branding. The school is called Herman Brood Academie. Should never count on luck in this business.
ELCO: And that’s in The Hague? Or Amsterdam?
Deadcrow: No this was in Utrecht, 40 minutes by train from The Hague. So yeah the 3 years there were an eye-opener. Then with all the knowledge from there, I tried to go full force
ELCO: Seems like you’re on the right track. What’s been the biggest show you’ve played so far?
Deadcrow: I think it was Oakland. I haven’t really played huge stages yet. I hope to do festivals soon.
ELCO: Hopefully Denver tops it!
Deadcrow: Haha that would be sick. I’m stoked
ELCO: Was Oakland just a big turnout or the crowd was just really into it or both?
Deadcrow: Both, but New Parish pops off every time.
ELCO: Nice. What day of the week was it?
Deadcrow: On a Wednesday actually, yet it was crowded.
Deadcrow performing at The New Parish in Oakland, CA on 2/7/18.
ELCO: Oh snap. Nice work.
Deadcrow: I think a lot of people there also didn’t know who I was, but yeah I think they liked it
ELCO: So I’ve listened to all of your mixes on SoundCloud (I think) and you play a lot of other stuff in addition to yours. Is that similar to what to expect from you on this tour?
Deadcrow: Yes definitely. I really like playing out music that I like. I think 1/3 of the set is my own work.
ELCO: But we can still expect to hear a healthy dose of Deadcrow originals too right? Cause they’re dope!
Deadcrow: Yes definitely. Some unreleased things too
ELCO: Nice! Sometimes you have a producer you really like and then you see them DJ and they play like 1 or 2 originals. I don’t get it.
Deadcrow: I kinda understand. They just wanna showcase what they think is sick music. I used to not like playing my own stuff haha. But at the same time, a lot of people are there to hear your stuff,  which I’ve been realizing during the tour.
ELCO: Oh really? How so?
Deadcrow: Well like the people that come to see me, they don’t hear my music much in clubs (I think). So then it’s my job to actually do that.
ELCO: Who are you currently listening to a lot of?
Deadcrow: I’ve always loved NoisiaMssingno is also an idol. Rustie and Hudson Mohawke too. Right now I listen to a lot of FlyLo. And Tool. And some occasional deathcore and metalcore.
ELCO: Dude I’ve been bumping Mssingno so much this week! We need to get him out here too.
Deadcrow: Yeah man, but I think its hard. He’s like an enigma. You can hardly find anything about him on the net. The way he does it, it just prioritizes the music and I really dig that. Instead of a whole brand.
ELCO: So are deathcore and metalcore your roots?
Deadcrow: Not really. I had a phase when i was 15 and it just stuck.
ELCO: What were you into as a kid?
Deadcrow: 50 Cent and Eminem and stuff. Also Limp Bizkit. Nirvana. That’s when I really was a youngin. Limp Bizkit is really fun to play drums to too.
ELCO: Oh we have another Twitter Q here from @synesuk: “What tune you been bumping most recently?”
Deadcrow: Breathe. Something/Stellar Star. By Flying Lotus.

ELCO: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans, specifically Denver peeps? Anything about your upcoming show here?
Deadcrow: Expect some really unexpected shit from my set. Haha.
ELCO: My cousin wants to know what your thoughts on hot tubs are?
Deadcrow: Damn I haven’t been in one for ages. I really dig it.
ELCO: Haha word. Random.
Deadcrow: Those are the questions I like. Hahaha.
ELCO: What’s your favorite pizza topping?
Deadcrow: Definitely just pepperoni. No fuss. Just a simple good pizza from New York or New Haven, Connecticut.

Interviewed by E.P Pirt, Jr.

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