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Sacha Robotti is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in club music. Releasing music under labels like Dirtybird, Desert Hearts Records, and This Ain’t Bristol, Sacha has risen above the noise and continues to put out records to keep the dance floor grooving. In addition, Sacha has come to define his own signature sound and style, known as Sloth Acid. You are definitely going to want to check out what that means for yourself. We had the chance to catch up with Sacha before his show on October 14th at Club Vinyl

ELCO: Do you play in Denver frequently?

Sacha: No not at all, this is the third time I think. I played last time in a smaller club. I played Vinyl once before, but as Robosonic.

ELCO: Do you still play any shows as Robosonic? Is that something you would like to do in the future?

Sacha: I don’t think so. Not for now.

ELCO: You are playing at Club Vinyl tonight, but when was the last time you played a DJ set ON vinyl?

Sacha: Probably six years ago or something like that. That was in Berlin, or somewhere in Europe. It has been a while.

ELCO: What is your favorite way to find new music?

Sacha: Nowadays, music is everywhere. When you have vinyl and CD’s, or actual records, when that was the only medium you had available to consume music, or radio, and then tapes. You would go to these places and just discover. I loved record shopping. My favorite record shop back then was in Scotland. I studied in Edinborough. It was called Underground Solutions. They would welcome me in, you know, here’s some coffee, I have some records I think you would like. It was really a social thing. You have to get out of your house to find records. Now you have all of this music on this small stick.

ELCO: How do you organize your music?

Sacha: Very badly (laughs). I have folders and sort by clubs and tours I’ve played.

ELCO: Any standout festivals you played this year?

Sacha: Yeah. Desert Hearts was great. Dirtybird Campout recently was great. Nocturnal was dope. EDC was great. Really awesome everywhere.

ELCO: What music do you like to listen to?

Sacha: Very broad. All types of music. Whatever is good really. I really try not to listen to club music all the time.

ELCO: Who are you typically making music with?

Sacha: By myself, with other friends, producers, vocalists. That kinda thing

ELCO: Do you like to produce on hardware or do you stick to computer software?

Sacha: Yeah. Not frequently, but I work with hardware occasionally. I know people with some crazy equipment. That’s always very fun, but you can essentially recreate all of it on your computer.

ELCO: Do you have any favorite sound systems to play on?

Sacha: I like Funktion One. There is that Canadian brand as well, PK Sound. It really doesn’t matter that much. The room is equally or even more important to how everything comes out.

ELCO: Are you looking forward to anything specific on the tour? Have there been any standout moments?

Sacha: It’s been hectic. I’m a bit sleepy right now. We’ve done five gigs in five days. Kevin Knapp and I went pretty hard. So tonight is the fifth gig. I’m gonna take a nap after this haha.

Interviewed & photographed by Hunter Saillen

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