[Interview] A Quick Q&A on the Endless Sky Campout

ELCO had an opportunity to sit down with Afterhours Anonymous frontman, Colin Chmielewski, to talk and give us a few details on Endless Sky Campout, which is taking place July 28-30th just east of Cheyenne, Wyoming (two hours from Denver). Mahesh Presents and Afterhours Anonymous both are teaming up to bring us one stacked lineup with over 44 hours of amazing tunes and heartwarming people to match the warm vibes!

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ELCO: As the festival takes place on private land, what can you tell us about the location?

CC: Endless Sky Campout will take place on private land in Wyoming about 25-30 minutes east of Cheyenne. It’s a very easy 2-hour drive from Denver and is almost all interstates the whole way until the last 3 miles. We attended another event (Compound Sound) up there last summer and just fell in love with the freedom we felt up there. You can literally see forever and experience the most amazing sunsets and sunrises. It’s a great spot to just get away from the craziness of the city. If you’ve never been out to the prairie, it’s a very unique experience.

ELCO: What was the reasoning behind moving on from Altitude Anonymous to Endless Sky and how will it be different and/or the same?

CC: We loved the concept, experience and especially the vibes up at Copper Mountain for Altitude Anonymous. There is no doubt Mahesh or I will never forget those three years. That said, we were always playing against a stacked deck for two reasons: 1. The sheer cost of doing an event there and the limitations with times and venues at a big, family resort made it really difficult to grow successfully. 2. As it evolved, we learned that it was more cost-prohibitive than we ever hoped for the average person to experience the whole weekend. So after Altitude wasn’t working out for those reasons, we saw this new potential opportunity to go to the other end of the spectrum in Wyoming and make it more accessible for everyone. So our ticket prices are much lower. There are no hotel or condo rental costs. People can be as self-sufficient as they want, meaning bringing as much or as little food and/or drinks as they like. We will offer quality food service through our chef friend and have drinks and water also available, but it’s truly choose your own adventure out there. The main things we believe will carry over from Altitude Anonymous are the amazing love and vibes we felt up there. Unforgettable. We can’t wait to see those same lovely smiles all weekend!

ELCO: Who is one act that attendees can not miss, and who is one sleeper act that has the potential to steal the show (they can be the same)?

CC: I think the support lineup we’ve put together is unbelievable. There is so much representation from many different crews and circles in Colorado. So I’m personally very excited to hear everyone bring their A-games! But as far as headliners, Catz ‘N Dogz have always blown us away and carried the vibe perfectly. Hearing them for 4 hours from starlight to sunrise will be extremely special. If you don’t know about Marc Romboy yet, the guy is a musical mastermind. So diverse and talented. I mean, not very many people can perform with an orchestra and make it dope. Melodic techno and tech-house at its best!

ELCO: Most important piece of advice to everyone going?

CC: Come prepared. Make sure you pack for different weather. It can get hot, cold, windy, rainy, pretty much anything. But right now the weather looks to be shaping up well. Also, bring anything fun and comfortable you think that can add to the experience and the overall vibe. MAKE SURE TO READ our FAQs.

ELCO: If you could only give one reason why people should go, what would it be?

CC: Basically, step out of your box and try something different! How often is it that you have a chance to get out of the city and go camp with amazing people while listening to three world-class acts and such a dope collection of locals for 44 HOURS on a Funktion One sound system? Plus, with the art, food, drinks and fun production that we have planned, it’s guaranteed to be very memorable.

ELCO: How do you like your S’mores?

CC: I’d say just right. If they’re too gooey, it a major mess. Not done well enough and it’s no S’more at all.

Check out the full lineup for Endless Sky Campout:

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